Feb 2017 Washington Hospital Center RN Residency - page 3

Hi everybody! Just figured I would start a thread for those starting at Medstar Washington Hospital Center in February for the Nurse Residency Program. My name is Laura, and I've been hired into the... Read More

  1. by   sweetlexus73
    Starting pay at WHC was around $28 when I started last year.
  2. by   thenurseguy88
    Did they offer shift differentials or premiums? Also do they take into account previous healthcare experience when determining the rate ? Or does every new grad get the same ? Thanks
  3. by   sweetlexus73
    There are night and weekend differentials.

    My understanding is that all new grads are started at the same rate because they are all considered "new grads" if you have previous nursing experience then you would not fall into that category. If you were a LPN or tech or something like that, it doesn't really count as experience because you were not acting in a RN role.
  4. by   nursesrock6
    Hey guys, just curious as to the structure of the nurse residency program? Is it classroom for a few months or are you going straight into the clinical aspect? Thanks!
  5. by   sweetlexus73
    Nurserocks6, the residency is separate from your training and experiences on your unit. Residency "class" is once a month for 4 hours for the entire first year of employment. Since this is only once a month, you will be working on your own well before residency is over. Typically, orientation on the floor is about 12 - 16 weeks.