Applying as a new grad in DC

  1. Hey y'all, I'm in need of some guidance from you nurses in DC! I'm set to graduate from an ADN program in May in North Texas. I am considering applying to jobs in DC when I graduate, and am wondering what the best hospitals for ADNs are. I would prefer a residency or internship, but I was looking around some of the hospital websites and I know at least Georgetown requires a BSN for their residency program. I will have some PCT experience on my resume so hopefully that'll help. Also, I'm a little confused about how to get licensed in DC after going to school in Texas - would I just take the NCLEX there after I graduate? How does that work if you live around that area & have to move around to hospitals in Virginia, just outside DC?

    Thanks for any info y'all can give me on this - I have been to DC a handful of times but have no idea what the hospital situation there is like!
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  3. by   PolaBar
    Washington Hospital Center hires new grads all the time. I'm sure they also hire people with experience, too. They also have the #1 cardiac stuff in the area. MedStar Washington Hospital Center - Washington Hospital Center - Washington, DC 20010 - MedStar Health There are also plenty of other hospitals in DC and the local area (Maryland and Virginia).
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    Thanks so much PolaBear! I am actually really interested in cardiac, so that may just be perfect. Are there any hospitals that have great internships that ADNs can get hired for?