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Hello everyone. I am not a nurse yet but rather applying to get in to a nursing program. My original plan was to just get my ADN, make contacts, and get a job upon graduation so I could start earning money sooner. Now I am... Read More

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    You won't be eligible to work in the UK if you get an ADN...but it's not likely you're looking to work there
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    Do you already have a degree? Depending where you live, I'd look at George Mason and UMD. They are state schools and a bit cheaper. If you already have a degree, it is a bit more expensive but GWU has a 15 month accelerated BSN program. George Mason has an accelerated BSN program as well and UMD either has a 21 month traditional BSN or 16 month accelerated MSN-CNL.

    I know 2 recent nurse grads. 1 got a BSN from one of the 'lesser' nursing schools in the area. She got a great new grad residency position in a hospital before she graduated. The ADN went to one of the better CCs in the area and it took her 6 months to find a part time job, and a few more months to eventually find a full time job but neither job was in a hospital.

    I was also just reading the Johns Hopkins says that their hospitals are about 78% BSN RNs and that their goal is 80%. So I imagine they will heavily favor BSN nurses but that is just a single example of hospital attitudes in the area.

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