Our organization is mobilizing an effort for Hurricane Victims

  1. I got an email yesterday from our CEO. The Humility of Mary Health Partners is asking for nurses to work in the affected areas. Our hospital is looking for 100 nurses to man a station and asking for people to donate PTO hours so that those that go do not get penalized. (they are promising that we will get paid no matter what.) The email said the government is setting up temporary stations to help the sick and injured. I am very, very proud of my hospital and am trying to figure out if it will be feasible for me to leave my little ones for a week. If not, I will be donating my PTO time for those that do go. God BLESS THIS WONDERFUL COUNTRY!!!!
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  3. by   sunnyjohn
    More info please! how do folks get signed up?
  4. by   txspadequeenRN
    I just came from a staff meeting at work and we were told that we will be receiving nursing home residents from New Orleans. Our sister facility in Houston is now at capacity and we are expecting them to start rolling in this weekend. We are prepared to open up our facility and welcome these people with open arms. I am so glad our company is showing compassion in this way, usually they are just about a buck. I feel relieved that I can now contribute in some way other than money (even though I have given all I can) or donations (which I am working on now).