Mid June Mission Trip - Planning

  1. 0 Hi Everyone,

    I am planning on going on my next medical mission trip to Mexico in June, either the 14-28 or the 21-28 and was wondering if anyone here might be interested in going. :spin: I went on my last trip in August '07....travelled alone the entire first day until I hooked up with the rest of the group at the final destination airport in Chiapas. I speak very minimal Spanish, so you can only imagine how much fun it was trying to make my way through Mexico City alone!

    I would love to have someone to go on this next adventure with me (hubby won't go and my daughter is too young).

    Anyone who is interested, please send me a PM so that I can pass on the organization's link, etc.
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    Mia, sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I hope you can find someone here that might be interested in going.
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    What exactly does one do on a medical missions trip??
    Does it cost anything??
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    The cost of the trip is roughly $600 for one week or $800 for 2 weeks, and that does not include the cost of airfare. Generally, you can figure it will cost $1200-$1400 for a 1-week mission trip (from what I have found through lots of research). The fee that they charge for the mission trip is used for lodging, food, supplies, and transportation to and from the project site, as well as transfers to and from the airport.

    As far as what we do on medical mission trips, it depends.....in August I worked in a general medical clinic. The upcoming trip in June is a General Medical/Surgical/Dental mission. It should be quite interesting!
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    Thanks Mia - I would be interested in going if you want to PM me some more details about when it is and all.
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    What organization is overseeing the trip? I am interested.
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    Quote from psalm
    What organization is overseeing the trip? I am interested.
    I sent you a PM.
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    Do you have to be a nurse to go? I would love to go, however, I dont have June off from school. I have July off and will be finished with my second semester. *sigh*.... one day!

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