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    Anyone waiting to hear back from nursing programs this month? I waiting to hear from MCV and its driving me crazy, they said they'd send emails in late March. I've seriously been checking my email everyday all day I can barely focus on my schoolwork....I'm been trying to keep busy with all this research papers and presentations I have this semester, but my mind keeps wandering back to my email..
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    I feel your pain and I am waiting also. I took the TEAS V already and have to wait until mid to late April to find out from Thomas Nelson.
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    Still no word yet..... late March for them probably means April but this isnt the lst time i've applied and they're usually on point. well theres still a lot of late March left.
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    All snap!!!!! I got an email from MCV this morning and I got in Hot doggie!!!
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    Congratulations!!! I just put in my application today so I have a long way to go!
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    Where did you put in your application to?