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I will be moving to Virginia Beach and I am interested in the salary ranges-I have 18 years of CCU/ICU experience and I am CCRN certified- any ideas? What about some specific recomendations for sentara hospitals? Also, any... Read More

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    I'm thinking of moving to virginia beach/chesapeake area in about a year is $19.60 all RN's make, I'm an LPN in Tacoma, WA and I make $18.60 an hour with just over a year of experience. Does anyone know about salaries for the hampton veterans affairs.
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    Wages are lower here than WA, and the VA reflects the general wages in the area. As an RN, I took a $10 pay cut coming from Olympia, and with state income tax my income is a full 1/3 less. Cost of living is similiar to Tacoma, but cheaper gas and cigarettes Working off-shifts does help, but our general lack of a union in the area makes it difficult to get good wages and benefits. Think you would be safer with the VA because then you can join the Gov't employee union--but be aware, they are VERY slow to respond to applications and you will need to keep in touch with their HR office--I recommend calling them weekly. I'd be happy to answer questions about the area versus WA.
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    I am graduating with my BSN from Arizona State University (new grads in Phoenix make about $25-27 an hour). I took a job at CHKD in Virginia because my fiance lives there, but I will be making $20.38/hr. That is a HUGE paycut! I am looking forward to my new job because it's what I want to do, and where I want to be. The weekend differentials are $2/hr, after 3 pm is $2/hr, and after 11pm is $7/hr. I don't think there is any difference between ADN and BSN.
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    What is the pay rate for "New Grad-LPN"'s" in the Hampton Roads area? I'm interested in LTC pay rate, Chesapeake Regional, Maryview, Obici, Sentara hospitals and Portsmouth Naval. Also can anyone tell me about the differential pay for 3-11 and 11-7.:wink2:

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    Any updates to pay in this area?
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    With 13 years experience and 9 in critical care/open heart recovery-Indiana is $28-$32. Many long hours and needing someone to go to bat for nurses - we have been talking about getting unionized...what does anyone think?
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    Any updates to pay in this area?
    The pay is still the same...
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    i know chesapeake pays up to 35 for rns and one dollar extra per hour for ccrn i believe they just started paying real shift differential in the last couple of years it is a good place to work i started in the icu's there almost 10 years ago
    good luck
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    I'm considering moving from the Southeastern VA area to Northern VA and I'm curious to now how much do nurses make in that area?