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I will be moving to Virginia Beach and I am interested in the salary ranges-I have 18 years of CCU/ICU experience and I am CCRN certified- any ideas? What about some specific recomendations for sentara hospitals? Also, any... Read More

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    Chesapeake General Hospital falls under the umbrella of Chesapeake Health
    Their website is
    The two main hospitals under Chesapeake Health are Chesapeake General in Chesapeake Virginia and Outer Banks Hospital in Nags Head area of North Carolina. Hope this helps. I'm sorry I do not have any salary information though.
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    Anyone have any idea what Porthsmouth Naval Hospital starts new grads out at?
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    does CHKD pay more for a 4 year degree than at 2-year hospital based RN degree?
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    13 an hour for an lpn? are yuou kidding? that aint sh_t!
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    chesapeake general is one of the only hospitals in the area not owned by sentara, tho i have heard that sentara has 20% interest in cheseapeake from what i hear is lower than sentara....sentara just opened a new "heart hospital"....chesapeake is a very nice, busy area, fairly expensive to buy property there...but you all will find several opportunities in the area for nursing jobs. good luck
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    Is that it for RN's?? Only $18.25 an hour???? Is that pretty standard through-out Hampton Roads?? Eeeee....
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    Yep it sure is.
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    In November I interviewed at both Sentara General and Norfolk General and loved both places. I was all set to take a position with Norfolk on their oncology unit but my living situation fell through. I plan on only working here a year before trying to get down there again. The hospital was gorgeous and the staff were wonderful.
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    I currently work for Sentara. They start nurses off at 19/hr. And 8 dollars more for nights. I don't know about CHKD or Chesapeake General but I have heard that Portsmouth Naval pays even more than Sentara. I also have heard that Chesapeake General is actually going to pay 8 dollars more for nights also.

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