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Hi everyone! I have applied to UVA's CNL program for May 2013 entrance. I had my interview this past week and it went well. Now comes the hardest part.. waiting until December 20 to find out! Is anyone else out there in the... Read More

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    Placements and processes very from course to course. This will be discussed at Orientation in May.

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    Placements are random as efforts are made to ensure that students get a varied clinical experience. Every student experiences at least one "away" rotation throughout the program as well: Either Augusta health for OB, Western State or the VA for psych, Culpeper for ICU etc. For OB, most will be placed at UVA doing triage, labor/delivery, postpartum, and baby nursery, while a few will go to a surrounding hospital.
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    I am super excited to go to all those places!! THank Meg11 for the information!
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    Thanks for the info. So excited for May!!!
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    For those of you who haven't already joined, ****** (soulshine) created a facebook group. You all should message her for the link, or maybe she will see this and message anyone who hasn't already joined.

    Also, for anyone who is still apartment hunting, feel free to facebook me (Cierra Condrey). I live here and am super familiar with the area. I'd love to help!!
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    I know this is a stale topic, but I figured I would post anyways.

    Now that it's almost time to start your classes, what kind of help did anyone get from the school financially?

    I am NOT in the 2013 cohort, but am applying this fall to UVA and next spring to PVCC. I've lived in Cville for the past 16 years and am making a career change. I love what the UVA program has to offer, but you have to decide before you know what kind of aid you will receive and that seems like quite a gamble for me.

    Currently, I am self-employed and am managing fine with taking the pre-req's and working, but I know that will not be even allowed for the first 6 months of the UVA program. I know PVCC tells students they should only work part time once in the nursing program, but I know I could probably bring in a decent amount while enrolled there. If I go the PVCC route, I would also do a concurrent online program with ODU to come out with a BSN in two years.

    It looks to me like I could come out of the PVCC/ODU program debt free while also sustaining an income level I need to get by without loans, but to go to UVA, I would have to go in to at least 70K worth of debt and lose income potential while in school.

    Just wondering how anyone else maybe in a similar situation made their decision? I know some of the older UVA CNL threads had some folks in a similar situation, but it looks like most of the people on this thread were students fresh out of undergrad.

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    We have not heard about financial aid yet.... But will keep you posted!
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    Quote from UVA Grad Nursing
    Classes will likely be 8a-4:30p on Thursdays and Fridays. The clinical practica can be at any time from Saturday - Wednesday. The usual student parking lot is at University Hall/ JPJ Arena, and busses run every 15 minutes from 6am - 7pm M-F. There are University SafeRide vans or Hospital Shuttles that could take you from the Medical Center to the University Hall parking lot in the hours that busses are not running.

    Over the course of the 24 month program, everyone will have some overnight shifts (7p-7a), evenings (3p-11p) as well as weekend experiences. Since all clinical practica are precepted 1:1, there is no set clinical schedule that all students in the program follow. Your clinical schedule will depend on the exact hours worked by your particular preceptor. For the first 15 months of the program, you will have a new preceptor (and a new unit) every 7 weeks.
    Are those lots you mentioned for parking free for students?
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    Parking is not free at UVa. The 'Blue' lot for students is $18/month. Another option for those who do not come to Grounds regularly is the Occasional Parking floors in the Emmet/Ivy Garage which is $18 for a passbook to cover 10 days. Look at the Parking website for more info (Parking & Transportation, U.Va.).
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    What's the facebook link for the 2013 cohort? I'm tentatively looking at the 2014 cohort--pending my husband gets stationed in the D.C/VA area (active-duty USAF). Looks like an incredible program! Would like to hear more about it as students progress. Wishing you all the best and congrats on your acceptance!

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