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Hi everyone! I have applied to UVA's CNL program for May 2013 entrance. I had my interview this past week and it went well. Now comes the hardest part.. waiting until December 20 to find out! Is... Read More

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    There are also several apartment complexes in town that provide free shuttle busses to the Medical Center every hour.

    Having access to a car does make good sense though. Your practica hours may be in the evenings, or overnight, or on weekends (7p-7a, 4p-midnight, etc. City public transportation is not dependable at those off-hours. University busses run to the student parking lots every 15 minutes from 6am - 7pm M-F; at other times CNL students have taken the Medical Center van or the University SafeRides van from the Medical Center or Library to the student parking lots.

    Other students bike (or scooter) to School; there are bike racks outside the School of Nursing and School of Medicine buildings.

    Charlottesville is a college town, and there are a lot of apartment complexes in the city and Albemarle county. I encourage you to ask the managing office the number of undergrad and graduate students who live there though. Some of the complexes close to the Corner are particularly popular with undergrads (and often are noisier). Some other complexes a little farther from Grounds cater to the grad/professional student or non-undergraduate student tenants.

    Other sources for housing options include the weekly newspapers Cvile (C-Ville Weekly | Charlottesville News and ArtsC-Ville Weekly) and The Hook (The Hook - Charlottesville's weekly newspaper, news magazine). Many students also use Craigslist.

    Good luck.

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    Quote from Daisies913
    Just to piggy back what Meg11 says, I would suggest making sure you pick a place to live on the bus line. Charlottesville has various means of transportation from the free trolley, UVA bus, and the general public bus. They are all free since you are a student. I live right outside of Charlottesville and will be either getting a parking pass or catching the bus from the downtown mall (a pedestrian walking mall with a lot of restaurants and shopping). In the past I have parked at the mall and caught the free trolley which has a stop right in front of the hospital which is adjacent to the nursing school. The downside to parking at the mall is I have always had to allot an extra hour into my travel time b/c the bus never is precisely on schedule and I don't like to be late.

    Hey soulshine 101,

    I'm pretty sure you got my email but I'm not sure if I got your response. Sorry if you got my message twice.
    I didn't get an email. Only from jbro464. Did you send it to my email acct not on here?
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    I sent it to your email address you provided. My email address is Daisies913@aol.com.
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    Hey zumble,

    I cant PM yet but my personal email address is Daisies913@aol.com.
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    Hi everyone Is anyone interested in possibly living together? I am not sure if anyone is in the same boat as me and will be moving alone to Charlottesville.. It is so much more affordable if you have more than a 1 BR. If anyone is interested in rooming together, send me a PM. Thanks!
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    Hi everyone,
    I am in the program. Super excited! I am looking for places to live...I had hoped to live in a 1BR but it is kind of pricey. I am moving from the Northern VA area and I would love to find a roommate!
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    I am looking for a possible room mate as well!! Are there any guys that have been accepted?? Please let me know!
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    If anyone has any questions about Charlottesville in general or advice on housing, please let me know! I was born and raised here and am happy to help!

    SO excited to meet y'all!
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    Quote from bhm319
    If anyone has any questions about Charlottesville in general or advice on housing, please let me know! I was born and raised here and am happy to help!

    SO excited to meet y'all!
    Excited to meet you too! I am eager for May. I, too, am from the area Not born and raised, just a transplant, but I certainly will always consider Charlottesville home

    Congratulations on your acceptance!
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