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Hi everyone! I have applied to UVA's CNL program for May 2013 entrance. I had my interview this past week and it went well. Now comes the hardest part.. waiting until December 20 to find out! Is... Read More

  1. by   ccondrey22
    I don't think I can private message yet. Could you send me an invite or something?
  2. by   soulshine101
    Quote from UVA Grad Nursing
    Soulshine:We will be sending out the scholarship application in March. We have no scholarship monies left for the summer (the end of the fiscal year). We will be making awards later this spring for the next academic year (fall 2013 and spring 2014) after the General Assembly determines the state budget for next year. We also use alumni gifts, the annual fund, and endowment revenue for scholarships. I will not know that amount of $$ to award until after July 1. So we will not know the precise scholarship awards for MSN students for 2013-14 until July. I cannot make precise awards until I know what my budget will be.
    I realize we won't know about financial aid for the Fall/Spring semesters until later in the summer but how soon will students know about how much we get loan wise for summer? I definitely need to get a budget together for summer. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Soulshine and others:

    Loans are administered by the University's Financial Aid office. Their steps to requesting loans are at U.Va. Financial Aid - Graduate Students and U.Va. Financial Aid - Apply For a Loan.
  4. by   ccondrey22
    I am trying to figure out how important being close and/or having a close parking spot is. Does anyone know how much of our stuff will be at night?
  5. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Classes will likely be 8a-4:30p on Thursdays and Fridays. The clinical practica can be at any time from Saturday - Wednesday. The usual student parking lot is at University Hall/ JPJ Arena, and busses run every 15 minutes from 6am - 7pm M-F. There are University SafeRide vans or Hospital Shuttles that could take you from the Medical Center to the University Hall parking lot in the hours that busses are not running.

    Over the course of the 24 month program, everyone will have some overnight shifts (7p-7a), evenings (3p-11p) as well as weekend experiences. Since all clinical practica are precepted 1:1, there is no set clinical schedule that all students in the program follow. Your clinical schedule will depend on the exact hours worked by your particular preceptor. For the first 15 months of the program, you will have a new preceptor (and a new unit) every 7 weeks.
  6. by   ccondrey22
    Okay, that's really helpful! So it looks like to me our first round if clinical a start the end of July and go through August. Is that right?
  7. by   UVA Grad Nursing

    The OB practicum should start in mid-July and end at the end of the second week in August. Not everyone will be at UVa; we also use Martha Jefferson Hospital and Culpeper Hospital for labor/delivery experiences.
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    Quote from madell
    Hi all!
    I am looking for a roommate as well! I recently graduated from UVA as an undergrad so I know the area pretty well so let me know if you have questions. I would be nice to have a roommate in the program. Thanks! Can't wait to meet you all!
    I just started apartment hunting, it's a little overwhelming! Are you in the area currently?
  9. by   flkeys
    Just curious if anyone knows how placements are decided? Does the SON assign students randomly, do the students get to indicate a preference, etc.?? Just wondering about the upcoming OB placements.
  10. by   soulshine101
    Quote from flkeys
    Just curious if anyone knows how placements are decided? Does the SON assign students randomly, do the students get to indicate a preference, etc.?? Just wondering about the upcoming OB placements.
    Hey flkeys,

    Did you ever find out how the placement goes?
  11. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Placements and processes very from course to course. This will be discussed at Orientation in May.
  12. by   Meg11
    Placements are random as efforts are made to ensure that students get a varied clinical experience. Every student experiences at least one "away" rotation throughout the program as well: Either Augusta health for OB, Western State or the VA for psych, Culpeper for ICU etc. For OB, most will be placed at UVA doing triage, labor/delivery, postpartum, and baby nursery, while a few will go to a surrounding hospital.
  13. by   soulshine101
    I am super excited to go to all those places!! THank Meg11 for the information!