The Wait Begins... Any Other NVCC 2012 Hopefuls? - page 2

So, after a few years of pre-requisites and co-requisites and getting used to school again after a break for a few decades, I finally submitted my application for the Traditional program at NOVA. ... Read More

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    Like everyone here, I am super nervous. I have a 3.2 cum and a 3.0 in my pre-reqs. I know I have a low GPA but I did very well on my teas!! in the high 90s! do you think I have a chance to get in?

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    I think that's what makes the wait so difficult. There's no way of knowing what your GPA/TEAS scores mean unless we have everyone else's to compare them to. No way at all of knowing if they're tops, mediocre, or bottom-of-the-barrel. I'm thinking we should hear in about 6 weeks or so, yes? It seems the closer we get, the hearder it is to keep it off my mind!
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    @copacetic...Thanks for replying. I'm so nervous, this is going to be the longest month ever. I was looking at the threads from last year and it seems like there are a lot of applicants that were communicating. I was completely shocked to find only a few for FALL 2012. I wonder what nvcc looks at first. GPA? AHH I am just so paranoid.
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    hey nyc28, i did notice that there were a lot more posts last year too, but they didn't really start posting until almost a week before they got their letters. i bet this thread is going to blow up around the same time. i spoke with an adviser at mec not too long ago and she said the first thing nvcc will look at is the teas, the gpa and then whether or not you currently hold a bachelors. apparently you get a certain amount of points for each one and then you're ranked. doesn't matter if your packet comes first or last you're still ranked accordingly; thank god because my packet is going in literally a week before the deadline haha. you did great on your teas so don't worry
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    @ TrulyBlessed1 wow thank you for the info that def helped me relax although I'm still so nervous. But I assume everyone is at this point.
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    TrulyBlessed1 - Did you get your packet in yet? Keep us posted!

    ncy28 - We're definitely in the same boat. Sooooo nervous!

    I'm also expecting to see traffic on this thread buid up as time goes by. Either that, or a new one started.

    It's nice knowing there are others going through this 'nervous stage' with me. It would be great to have some 'friends' already when we get accepted!

    Think positive! I'll be seeing you guys this fall at orientation!!!
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    I wish they had something like the Domino's online pizza tracker: You can check the progress on your pizza, from when the order is placed to when it is ready for delivery. Wouldn't that be great? I think my application would be at either "Bake" or the "quality check" stage, one more step until its "out for delivery"!
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    @marm ite75 haha i like the pizza idea. I wonder if there will be just as m any applicants this year as there were last year. im hoping everyone that applies will join this thread.
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    Thanks ncy28, need to find some comic relief! I am sure this thread will get more attention around the end of this month and early June.
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    I just sent off my application today. Had taken my TEAS yesterday after struggling with the English grammar portion of the test. It was seriously about to give me an ulcer because I was struggling with it so much. But was able to pass with an 80% (phew!). I wonder if being a guy gives me a slight advantage or not. Regardless I'm currently holding a 4.0GPA so I think I should be alright, but still a little worried until I get that letter in!

    Any other guys applying?

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