Start LPN School Next Week!

  1. So I cant believe after 4yrs as a CNA I'm starting nursing school! It was not always easy as I had a hard time deciding to stick with it. I moved from WA state were all the LPN , ADN, & BSN programs in my area are back logged due to wait lists (so even having all the pre reqs with a 3.9 i couldn't get in, very disheartening ! I now live in VA and the first LPN program i applied to i was accepted into! Im excited i can actually afford to pay this program ($5200 and 18 months) Its not $35k like MCI's LPN program and itll only take a few more months to complete and i can xfer my credits to an RN program! I also have about 60credits (AA degree) in RN pre-reqs and general ed. SO after i get my LPN I can bridge to BSN fairly easy! Ultimate goal is to be a Navy Nurse! Anyways It feels great to be one step closer to my dream! If anyone has any advice or questions please let me know!!!
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  3. by   Graduate2010
    That's great Amanda! I too am a LPN and started as a CNA. I worked as a CNA for over 12 years. I graduated LPN school back in May 2010. I love it! I just finished up my prereqs for the RN program. I plan to apply to Thomas Nelson LPN-RN bridge and then go for BSN online. Just remember you are one step closer to reaching your goal. Congrats! Stay focus and study hard cause it's not an easy program. By the way, where are you going for LPN school?

    Stephanie E, LPN
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    That's awesome!!! were did you do you LPN? I'm doing mine in Williamsburg!
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    Quote from amandaqdLPN13'
    That's awesome!!! were did you do you LPN? I'm doing mine in Williamsburg!
    I went to New Horizons Regional Education Center. Unfortuneatly, they had to shut down due to NCLEX scores and other board issues last year.
  6. by   amandaqdLPN13'
    Yea i heard through my teacher! we also had a few people in class that came to my school (Votec) from there! Least you did what you could and got your LP)N!
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    Congrats and Good Luck