Riverside School of Health Careers RN program - page 83

Hello everyone! I am looking for current, past, and even prospective students for Riverside's RN program. I will be applying for the September 2013 professional nursing program. For current or... Read More

  1. by   hgt219
    I am a current student and we have been told they are moving to an associates program. My wish is that they will add an RN-BSN program soon.
  2. by   jgrisard
    They are adding the RN-BSN (kind of) it will be an ODU program BUT classes will be held at our campus (or online) the first ADN class is spring of 16 but there is one more diploma class starting spring of 15! Bigggggggg changes ya'll!!!
  3. by   ladij08
    Hello all! I am a navy spouse with orders for Va in January. I am looking for schools to begin my road to nursing. Of all schools, Riverside has drawn my attention the most. With 3 kids, I really just want to start with the LPN program and work my way up. Is anyone in the LPN program? What did you study for the entrance test? How difficult Is the process to get in? How are the teachers and the curriculum? I know the schedule stated that it varies, I just wanted an idea as to how it actually looks. Did anyone get a job at the hospital? How often does the program star? How long do I have to wait in order to enroll in the RN bridge? So many questions, I know. Any information and advice would be helpful. At this point I'm looking for schools for my children and myself along with housing... Thank you guys in advance!