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  1. 0 Anyone here have feedback about Radford University's BSN program? How was the clinicals (1-1 with a preceptor or 1-10 with instructor). I am an LPN now and hoping to enroll in the Spring program. Do you know if they accept any ECE exams like Micro or Patho? I see where Excelrior lists RU School of Nursing as an accepting college, just curious if this is actually true. I've emailed RU but have not heard anything yet. Any experience with RU would be appreciated.
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    I graduation a little bit ago from the Radford BSN program. Radford is known for having an awesome Nursing program, and I highly recommend it. I was prepared so well for the real world by going through this school. It is also a competitive program to get into. The semester I applied, they were taking 50 people and had 200+ applications to choose from. I knew one girl that was wait-listed 3 semesters and eventually changed majors so she could graduate. For the clinicals, you start off your first semester more under your Clinical Instructor than a Nurse. All of the clinical groups were 8-9 students to one Instructor. After that, you are paired up with a Nurse (until your third semester, it is more a couple students to a nurse. This is due to having your entire clinical group on one unit. Once you hit Critical Care in semester 3, they split your clinical group up among all the Critical Care units so that you have to learn to be independent. During semesters 3 and 4, you are 1:1 with a Nurse). I, unfortunately, don't know anything about the ECE exams and Radford. If I were you, I would call the Nursing office and talk to a counselor or go in person. That's usually the best way to actually get to talk to someone. Hope this helps some!
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    Nervous1, I wouldn't not count on them accepting ECE Micro because there is no lab component. Most universities want to see a lab with your Micro and A&P.
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    I'm leaning more toward ISU because I am one class away from finishing the pre-reqs and I like the idea of having a 1:1 clinical with a preceptor. I know several BSN nurses that would let me work with them. With RU, there is a lot of pre-reqs that I would need to take because they won't accept some of the classes I have already taken. It would put me another year or two out of even starting the initial nursing classes. Cost is about the same except for the fees that ISU charges for clinicals. But RU will be in person requiring commuting and with gas prices, its not my best option right now. Of course, I may change my mind next week and decide on RU......which is likely to happen.

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