Pay rates for new LPN's in the Hampton Rds Area

  1. What is the average pay for a brand new LPN in the Hampton Roads area? I have a feeling the school I looked at is blowing happy smoke up my behind. I have looked at a ton of job listings and they just say competitive pay. I would love to hear some real figures. Thanks!
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  3. by   tko86
    what school are you looking into
  4. by   HeatherMax
    Fortis is the school that I think was blowing smoke up my behind. My top two choices are the Norfolk Votech and Riverside in Newport News
  5. by   tko86
    Say no to fortis lpn program. Too much money. Norfolk votech is an amazing program better than riverside imo and a tad cheaper. If ****** and ****** still teaches lpn program then yoi are in good hands. I am not impressed with the riverside students when they come to my facility for clinicals.
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  6. by   lilprittynurse
    Just say NO to Fortis..wayyy to expensive and ghetto. I worked with some of their student nurses during their rotation and all of us couldn't wait for that group to move on! Have you considered Virginia Beach Vo -Tech. I know they are way out in the country but they are an awesome school!
  7. by   Meriwhen
    We also had Fortis roll through our charge nurse threw the students off of her unit because of inappropriate behavior on the part of the students. Needless to say, Fortis wasn't exactly welcome in the facility after that.

    I agree: look at VA Beach Vo-Tech.
  8. by   HeatherMax
    LOL.... I was not impressed with Fortis. Not even a contender.

    Any real life current starting pay quotes in the Hampton Roads area for LPN?
  9. by   dlynn34LPN
    Starting pay can range from 16.00 to 18.00 depending on where u apply