NVCC pre-reqs-which classes are you taking? - page 3

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In others words, are you going the NAS 161/162 route (health science) or the Anatomy/Physiology plus microbiology route? I really want to do the Anatomy/Physiology plus microbiology route so that I can keep the option of... Read More

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    Will CLEP orAP chemisrty count?
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    Does anybody know why Chamberlain is not offering their hybrid 2nd degree BSN program currently and if they are planning to discontinue this program permanently? I had finally finished getting all my ducks in a row and called to inquire about enrolling for this and I was told by a very rude person that they were not offering this now and when I asked if they planned to in the future I was (again rudely) told that they were not giving out information. So frustrating!!