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Hi, Can someone please tell me what is the starting salary for a new grad at UVA? I am going to an open house that they are having in Philadelphia next week. Thanks.... Read More

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    hello again brooklynne

    I just wanted to give a little follow-up.

    After submitted my new grad packet to UVA I was informed that it would probably be August before they were hiring any more new grads. Unable to wait until then I applied at many local nursing/rehab facilities in the area. I have been able to obtain a position about 30 miles outside of Charlottesville (where UVA is located) for an hourly rate of 19.75 with a 2.00 differential for working the 3-11 shift. Just thought that info might be informative as it is probably lower than what you would expect to receive at UVA or the Charlottesville area, but gives you a ballpark figure to work with.

    Best of luck!!
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    Congratulations Shelby!!!! I am so happy for you. I am still looking, hopefully I'll find something soon also.
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    it can vary depends on if you have been an lpn before/the number of yrs you have been in healthcare....and parking is expensive. Depending on where you plan to park.
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    Hi guys, thank you for all of the advice. I am busy completing my BSN in Michigan and my husband will probably move to UVA in 2014 for fellowship (and hopefully we will stay there forever). I will be graduating in 2014 if everything stays on track with my graduation process. Given that he will be at UVA- I guess I will apply to work there as well. Does anyone know anything about the UVA SICU experience? Or nursing there in general?
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    Hey does anybody know the pay rate for an experienced nurse with a BSN at UVA? I have a few interviews coming up.

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