MCI RN Program (West End)

  1. Hi, I am interested in pursuing Nursing at MCI at Richmond and I am just wondering how the program is in the present not in the past, because most of the comments about it were from like 4 years ago. I am just curious about this because I have no other options. Also I don't need to know about the money part, I already know how that goes. All I want to know is:

    1. Will I learn anything?
    2. Will they prepare me to become a nurse that knows all the essential skills needed to become a nurse?
    3. (If you got your RN from there) Do you regret it or not? Did you pass NCLEX? All those kinds of stuff.

    Also lets not go into BSN or RN comparison, as I understand from the forum, BSN and RN doesn't have much difference except for the fact that BSN is the way to go if you want to get your MSN. I would do BSN if I could but due to situations I will not be able to pursue it, I can only go for RN as of now.
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  3. by   portace
    I almost forgot!

    What about jobs? Are you able to find one after graduation/nclex?
  4. by   KingsMommy
    I dont have any answers for you but I am in the same boat- not too sure what to think about the program- I see that you posted almost a week ago... did you apply?
  5. by   portace
    Hi, I didn't apply yet because I don't want to dish out money that quick because it's really expensive. Also I got interviewed and they tested me on the bat through the TEAS test and did well on it. (was telling me to do lpn first but I didn't want to do that)
  6. by   sunnigirl
    I am also applying for this program. I am attending their open house next weekend but I, just like you, have SOOOO many questions! Hope to get some answers really soon! I will be new to the area, I plan on moving to Richmond in the summer so any advice or help I can get will be greatly appreciated!
  7. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Pursuing a BSN is more than merely to pursue graduate programs. Many larger employers require a BSN for employment (the Veterans Administration, the military, and Magnet hospitals). For example, last year the UVa Health System hired 72 new RN graduates; only 5 of these had ADN degrees. All five were already employees of the Medical Center while pursuing their ADN.

    Not all nursing jobs are at someplace like the VA or VCU/MCV. But if your long-term goal is working at an institution like one of those, you might want to consider a RN program that could lead to a RN-BSN.
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    With the shortage of jobs, employers seem to be choosing BSN-prepared RNs over the ADN-prepared RNs, especially in a Magnet or Magnet-status-seeking facility. However, even the BSN isn't a sure ticket these days -- there are plenty of BSN-prepared RNs in the Graduate Nurse forum who are still job-seeking without success, but I think BSNs might have an edge right now. Tough to say ... it depends on where you live/apply a lot of the time.

    I'm an ADN-prepared RN who is now completing an RN-to-BSN; I'm planning on joining the Army Nurse Corps, active duty. Like UVA Grad Nursing said, there are many reasons to get a BSN!

    Best of luck, whichever program you choose!
  9. by   momto5kiddos
    I did everything in 2 days to get in to the school. I start my chem w/a lab tonight. The chem i took before did not count since it did not have a lab.

    I start the RN classes in Aug. I have been chasing the dream for years and I am SUPER excited to be doing it tight now. I hope you make the right choice for you. There are so many schools and routes to becoming a nurse. This one is best for me and my family.

    (maybe we will be in the same classes!)