MCI Newport News, Riverside or Sentara nursing schools??

  1. Is there anyone considering MCI or Sentara or Riverside Hospitals for RN programs? I am so confused on what to do. I met with MCI today and they are very expensive, however it is certainly the quickest, but is that the best and safest way of getting a degree? I just don't know, if anyone has been through the MCI program and has advice it would be much appreciated. I meet with Riverside tomorrow and planning on one of the Sentara open houses next week.
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  3. by   TAANDOHRN
    You are not alone in trying to find the right fit for you and your schedule. I can give you my 2 cents.... I think while mci is easier to get in I am leary about the transferring of credits if you plan to continue on with your education. I am also not happy with the price!! I am more inclined to go with Sentara or Riverside. I like Sentara because of the BSN program and it helps me get closer to my goal of getting my MSN/MBA in the near future. I know that the credits I am taking at the local community college and class from Sentara will transfer to the college or university. I like Riverside because I am an LPN already and if I can get in the program it will only take me 9months by day/12 months by evening. You cant be that! I love the fact that Riverside has an evening program. You most definitely are doing the right thing and checking each school out. Get a feel for the vibe and look at the students. Do they seem happy or are they all frowning? You may also want to check out Thomas Nelson Community college as well. I did hear if you want to go to thomas nelson make sure you complete all your pre reqs first and then apply to the program... I hope I didn't ramble on and actually helped out!
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    Thank you for your input..and I didn't think you were rambling at all!! I appreciate it. Here's the deal with me, in 1997/1998 I took all of the pre-req's at TNCC and had it ALL done. I was accepted into TNCC and Riverside's program in the fall of 1998, I decided on TNCC because tuition was half the cost of Riverside. However, I got really ill and was not able to start. So, here I am 11 years later and all of my sciences have expired..ugh!! And to top it all off, TNCC, where I took all of my classes, aren't only telling me I have to retake the sciences, but almost everything, math, english, sociology and pysch!! It's ridiculous, so they aren't an option at all. That would take too much time since I'm almost 40 now. It's such a dilemma!!
  5. by   TAANDOHRN
    Wow... that is a dilemma. I think TCC is anything over 7 years for science classes .... That's a hard pill to shallow. You have to do what you gotta do! Will MCI give you check for all your pre reqs. If they do take your classes then I think that may be the best deal going for you if you do not want to retake all those classes?
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    I noticed that your experience is in the GI field. May I ask what you do? I only ask because my illness that I have is U.C.
  7. by   TAANDOHRN
    I use to work in the gi lab within Leigh Memorial probably about 6 years ago. I did all kinds of procedures including colonscopy, endoscopy, ERCP,bronchoscopy, paracenthesis, insert peg tubes, remove foregin objects from every body opening and so on... we did a lot of consicous sediation and monitoring pt after procedure. Everyone rotated and I got a really good experience work experience. It was my first nursing job out of LPN school. It was great!
  8. by   Trishpjc
    i hope you did NOT choose MCI
  9. by   Dvldlphn32

    I was in the same boat as you a few months ago and after doing my homework I went with MCI. I already have a Bachelors from DeVry so I am used to quick paced classes, they were 8 weeks at DeVry versus the 5 weeks at MCI. I only had to take the Chemistry Pre-Req because my college algebra and comp classes transfered in. I got a 95% in Chemistry and a 98% in Chemistry Lab. The class was challenging but I just needed to up my usually study time. I did study groups, studied at home, and did a ton of extra credit. It paid off. I think with any college program, as I have also attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Navy Avionics School ( Which is faster paced then MCI), you get out what you put in. But my situation is ideal, I do not work and am able to devote myself 100% to college. If I was working full time I would go nuts at MCI.

    I did my interview with the Director, whom I really liked, in mid November and I was told I was the first wave. I was impressed with her answers to all 16 of the questions I prepared for her, after she interviewed me. I am pretty sure I will get in and start on January 24th because she fitted me for scrubs, told me what I needed to be working on to prepare for the program, and gave me a print out of the course syllabus. MCI is NOT the right fit for everyone, but for me it is the perfect fit. It all depends on your situation. Also I wanted to note that all the credits I put in for transfer were accepted, but that I had A's in all those classes and a 3.5 GPA from my Bachelors. I transferred in English 1 and 2, Critical Thinking, and my pre-reqs. The only other gen-ed for their program is Sociology which I never took. The rest are nursing classes.

    If you have any questions I would be happy to help you out. Oh and about expense it is $41,000 for the RN ADN and your tuition does NOT get adjusted unless you fall below 11 credits. I have the GI Bill though so I am good to go, for the first 13 months anyway. After that I foot the bill for 2 out of the 15 months of the program and my bill will be about $8,000.
  10. by   Dvldlphn32
    Oh and I forgot to mention I am going to go back to MCI for the BSN program. You have to be a nurse for a minimum of 1 year to get into that program.
  11. by   hurtin tncc student
    Hi, I am new to this site so please bare with me. I am currently a nursing student at TNCC and new to make a 90 on one of my nursing finals. If I don't make it, I was wondering about transfereing to MCI. What type of GPA do you need and will my NUR classes transfere? Any info I would really, really, really appreciate. Thanks!
  12. by   Dvldlphn32
    Quote from hurtin tncc student
    Hi, I am new to this site so please bare with me. I am currently a nursing student at TNCC and new to make a 90 on one of my nursing finals. If I don't make it, I was wondering about transfereing to MCI. What type of GPA do you need and will my NUR classes transfere? Any info I would really, really, really appreciate. Thanks!
    I am not sure about the GPA needed for the program. I had a 3.5 from my previous degree and I was told that was awesome by my adviser, but I found it just average. So it makes me wonder what kind of GPA's do they see?

    My classes transferred with A's, I have heard from some other students that if your grades are below a B they will not transfer.

    I can tell you that our grading scale is insanity! You need a 76% to pass every class, The grading scale is (3% and up A, 83 (I think) and up a B, and 76 to 81 is C. There is no D in the grading scale. You have to get a 3.7 GPA to get any honors.

    I hope that helps! Interviews are going on now for the Jan 24th program start date.