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I applied for the BSN Accelerated program for Fall 2012. My application is being reviewed in the second committee review. I was curious has anyone received notification of acceptance yet? I have a... Read More

  1. by   jen_dsamuel
    I just received my letter today and i too am looking for an affordable place to live. I don't mind sharing an apartment if anyone is interested.

    Any ideas on tuition costs? On the website, i read that it'll cost about $34,000 (with room and board), but comments from other ABSN graduates stated that it'll cost about $80,000 to attend. Am i missing something??

    Can't wait to meet you all!!!
  2. by   supersarah3390
    Hey everyone! I will be attending in the fall as well! Can't wait to meet everyone! My family lives in the dc area but I think it would be smartest to get a place close to school for commuting purposes (traveling in the dc area is a pain in the butt to put it nicely). I looked on Craigslist and there are some group houses for reasonable rent (500-700) and it seems like the other places available for rent get cheaper the more people you live with. I am all about trying to live with other nursing students so if anyone wants to try to look together for a place let me know! I currently live in Florida and won't be back until August but I have friends and my mom in the area who have offered to go check places out to make sure they are not sketchy or anything before we rent them out. Supposedly the ballston metro has a bus that goes straight to marymount so that might be a good area to check out.
    Im 22 and went to undergrad at university of Florida, hence why I am still in Florida, however I grew up in Maryland my entire life prior to that. Arlington is a great area and i can't wait to be back home. I'm pretty low maintenance and social, however I'm not sure how much social life this program will permit, I expect we will be studying a lot. My name is Sarah Spector so feel free to Facebook friend/stalk/etc
  3. by   Laur Will
    I am from North Carolina and am part of the ABSN Fall 2012 Class as well. I am starting to look for housing besides Wood Lee Arms and Archstone Ballston Square because Admissions tells me these are currently filled. ( I am 6th on the waiting list) Interested in sharing an apartment? Are you planning on living in the Graduate Housing?
  4. by   Laur Will
    supersarah3390, I am from Raleigh, North Carolina. I am trying to find an apartment and room with Marymount ABSN students this Fall 2012 as well. I'm going up there beginning of July to look around at apartments besides the apartments offered by Marymount ( Wood Lee Arms and Archstone Ballston Square) because admissions tells me these are full. I am VERY interested in rooming with nursing students!! SO excited to meet you all!!!

    If anyone is interested in trying to get an apartment together for Marymount Fall 2012? Contact:
    Lauren Mohr - Facebook
  5. by   Lavin'a
    Hi Roxy, any luck with an apartment? I also live in Baltimore and the 1.5 hour drive is scary! Are you in the accelerated or traditional program?
  6. by   Sp62089
    I know this is really late but does anyone know about housing or is anyone else still looking? My living arrangements recently changed and now need a new place to live
  7. by   kmp23
    Hi guys! I was recently accepted to the ABSN at Marymount and wanted to see opinions on the school. What are the good and bad things? and what is tuition since there are many rumors about the expense? Im from FL so I believe I will be visiting but thanks in advance!
  8. by   iwnahelp
    Hello everyone! Can you please tell me about your experience at Marymount?