Marymount University Fall Cohort 2012 - page 4

I applied for the BSN Accelerated program for Fall 2012. My application is being reviewed in the second committee review. I was curious has anyone received notification of acceptance yet? I have a feeling maybe this week or... Read More

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    Hi Roxy, any luck with an apartment? I also live in Baltimore and the 1.5 hour drive is scary! Are you in the accelerated or traditional program?

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    I know this is really late but does anyone know about housing or is anyone else still looking? My living arrangements recently changed and now need a new place to live
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    Hi guys! I was recently accepted to the ABSN at Marymount and wanted to see opinions on the school. What are the good and bad things? and what is tuition since there are many rumors about the expense? Im from FL so I believe I will be visiting but thanks in advance!
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    Hello everyone! Can you please tell me about your experience at Marymount?


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