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Hi there, I need some advice and I'm hoping you lovely folks can help me! A little background: I graduated from UVA in 2011 with a BA (double major in sociology and women's studies) and am... Read More

  1. by   TxPatients
    Quote from Tabby_Cat
    Fingers crossed, Tx! Hopefully good news arrives in Saturday's mail. While waiting for their decision, I kept Googling to see if most schools sent out acceptances before rejections & couldn't find a solid answer, so it may be just an academic myth. Do you know if everything arrived in their offices by the deadline? I had one transcript come in a day late (I ordered it over two months prior) & it pushed my application to the next round, even though they told me over the phone it wouldn't be a problem. I got a waiver for the TEAS & even though all the grades from my first school were shown on the transcript from my graduating institution, they still needed the original school's paperwork, which was the late arrival.I think they have a third review date coming up, if anything in your application happened to go missing. Maybe call & check the status of your app on Monday, if you don't hear anything.
    Hi Tabby, Yes, I sent everything in a packet to ensure no delays. It was sent on Feb 27 and received the 28th. I was waived the TEAS too and a letter confirming all materials were received and my application was complete. My transcripts were all official and included in my packet as well. So everything was in way ahead of second review. Hopefully I'll hear something today!
  2. by   megan_dineen
    I got accepted at the beginning of March! I am working out the financial part now to see if it makes sense. Is anyone here looking for roommates or in need of a place? I live in MD so myself, my fiance and his daughter (6 years old) are looking to move to Arlington/Alexandria area. 3 bedroom options are usually better priced. If anyone is interested in talking more let me know!

    Congrats to everyone who got their acceptances!!
  3. by   meswaa
    Yes, 60,000 is about right.. thats what I am predicting as well. Alexandria is a nice area to live and not too bad of a commute to school. They probably wont let you accelerate without micro and anp 2.. those are prerequistes for classes you need in the first semester.
  4. by   mqualk
    Congrats to everyone who made it for the Fall '12 ABSN at MU. I also got accepted to the program. Has anyone received any information about when they will have orientations and talk about scheduling? @meswaa, how long did it take from acceptance to getting class schedule info? I am a busy mother of 3 who will be commuting from Loudoun County, Va every day for school. I am extremely nervous about how hectic it will be and hope I am given a lot of time to plan for my new crazy life!!! @meswaa, would you be willing to share your class schedule (not super detailed, just times, days of the week) with us newbies, just out of curiousity? Thanks. Oh, and has anyone thought about creating a facebook group for our cohort? Just a thought....
  5. by   NightOwlGirl
    Congrats, mqualk!!

    I am part of the MU Fall '12 ABSN cohort (Just activated my student email--woohoo!) & would love more info about orientations & scheduling, especially the general timeframe. I would also love to know what a typical first & second semester schedule looks like (number of classes, days per week, # of clinicals, etc...).

    I am also a busy mom (my little girl wil turn one this May) & I am trying to plan our summer, as well as arrange childcare for fall.

    I know they have a general, public FB group for Marymount Univeristy nursing students (easily found with a general search on Facebook), but one just for us would be great. I'm happy to make it, if anyone is interested.
  6. by   mqualk
    awww, thanks tabby_cat! congrats to you too!!! it's quite an accomplishment just getting in, but now the real fun starts, right?! ;o)

    i checked out the general fb nursing page for MU and it seems pretty dead. i noticed that other cohorts created their own pages and really keep in touch. i think it would be great to have our own! if you're okay with setting it up, i will be the first to join.

    hopefully, someone out there in internet land can enlighten us about scheduling. i hate not knowing what's would be nice to have even a vague notion of what we'll be doing!
  7. by   aliciab324
    Hi Everyone,
    I just found out I made it in for this Fall 2012. Has anyone received orientation dates, class schedules or any info yet as to what semester clinicals start? I would like to know what my first semester would be like. Also, does anyone know of any scholarships that I can apply for, I just completed my Fafsa application and it wil take a few weeks. By the way, has anyone started the facebook page yet?
  8. by   MU_Knight
    Hello Saints!,

    I just found out I got into MU's Nursing program for the Fall of 2012.

    I don't know if any guys got in? and if you do let me know.

    I'm still waiting on my information packet for deposits/schedules/orientations etc.

    Any advice and tips would be appreciated. Go Saints!
  9. by   NightOwlGirl
    Congratulations to all the new Fall '12 MU nursing students! I can't wait to meet everyone in a few months.

    I was accepted during the second review (notification in April) & just received my finalized fall schedule yesterday (four classes, one clinical rotation & one lab day, totaling 15 credit hours). Students are divided into groups (A, B, C, D, etc...) & are assigned class sections ending in their group's specific suffix. Clinicals are one day a week & will begin the second week of class.

    The Dean emailed us a chart of possible schedule iterations/clinical sites approximately two weeks ago & we had to rank our preferred options in numerical order, from 1st to 7th. We could choose between three clinical sites (Reston Hospital Center, INOVA Alexandria & Holy Cross Hospital) & several possible clinical days, as well as three basic schedule blocks (early start/early finish, mostly afternoon classes & a mix of the two). Not every clinical site was available for each schedule, but each schedule block had at least two clinical choices.

    Clinicals are held on their own day (6:30am--2:30pm) & every potential schedule (thankfully) included one day off per week.

    I would guess this entire process will be similar for the next group, but of course things (e.g., clinical sites) could always change. I was lucky enough to get my first choice schedule & my first choice clinical site, which I selected with a mind to the morning commute & DC rush hour traffic.

    The emails I received also included information about ordering uniforms, tech requirements, copies of the health/health insurance forms & a link to join a virtual workspace wiki about the MU ABSN nursing program, where lots of additional info & forms are posted in a centralized repository. We can also use that space to ask questions & chat.

    Our orientation is on Saturday, August 25th, from 10am to 5pm.

    I hope everyone has a great summer & see you all in August.
  10. by   supersarah3390
    Hey everyone! I will be attending in the fall and. Cant wait To meet Everyone! there are a few marymount threads so I figured i would just post this on all of them but sorry if you are reading this twice haha.
    My family lives in the dc area but I think it would be smartest to get a place close to school for commuting purposes (traveling in the dc area is a pain in the butt to put it nicely). I looked on Craigslist and there are some group houses for reasonable rent (500-700) and it seems like the other places available for rent get cheaper the more people you live with. I am all about trying to live with other nursing students so if anyone wants to try to look together for a place let me know! I currently live in Florida and won't be back until August but I have friends and my mom in the area who have offered to go check places out to make sure they are not sketchy or anything before we rent them out. Supposedly the ballston metro has a bus that goes straight to marymount so that might be a good area to check out.
    Im 22 and went to undergrad at university of Florida, hence why I am still in Florida, however I grew up in Maryland my entire life prior to that. Arlington is a great area and i can't wait to be back home. I'm pretty low maintenance and social, however I'm not sure how much social life this program will permit, I expect we will be studying a lot. My name is Sarah Spector so feel free to Facebook friend/stalk/etc
  11. by   mamaji
    To those who got into the program, would you mind sharing your stats? GPA, volunteering (if any), health care experiences?
    I will start my last year as an undergrad in the fall and I am looking into accelerated nursing programs in the NoVA area!