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Anyone heard from Marymount for Fall 2011? Also those already in the program, how did you do for housing/ renting ? Thank you... Read More

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    Quote from Crucial
    What is the best 1st semester clinical rotation from the following options?
    Tuesdays Holy Cross Hospital
    Fridays Reston Hospital Center
    Tuesdays Reston Hospital Center
    Tuesdays Holy Cross Hospital
    Wednesdays Virginia Hospital Center
    Fridays Holy Cross Hospital
    Mondays Virginia Hospital Center
    Wednesdays Reston Hospital Center

    Being from the West coast, I have no idea about any of these hospitals and was hoping someone from the most recent ABSN could offer their opinion about which clinical would be best.
    Is this for your rankings for Medsurg clinical? We only had one clinical/ week our first semester. I really liked having Wednesday off, and I had mine at Virginia Hospital Center on Fridays. I can tell you that Holy Cross Hospital is a long haul if you live in Virginia in the mornings! You'll be going against the traffic!

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    Quote from TAC11
    Hey all!

    I was accepted to the program a couple months ago and am very excited!

    Are there summer classes with this program?

    Also I am moving from Vermont to go down there so am looking for a place and roommates and if anyone else is and would like to team up please let me know!
    There are summer classes! You'll have two weeks off in May and about 3 1/2 in August!
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    I need to pm you about housing. Let me know if it's ok.
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    Thanks for the info on breaks and classes!

    Mamz1 is you are looking for housing I would love to talk to someone else about it, you can feel free to message me.
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    Hey Tac11,
    I wanted more info on a housing availability that Katlee posted...I guess it got taken down... I have been apartment hunting but will have to at least go down there to see what I am getting into...How about yourself?
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    Hey guys!

    You can pm me any questions you have about housing if you want! I remember looking and it was quite the struggle. The rent prices are high and the traffic is crazy, but there's so much to do, I'm willing to bet that you'll love it!
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    Hi everyone! I've been trying to figure out expenses and budgeting for this upcoming school year and I was wondering if anyone knew how much we'd be spending a semester on books. I looked up the books for the classes we are taking this upcoming semester and to purchase all used books it looks like it'll be around $600!
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    Hi everyone!

    I have also been accepted for the Fall 2011 Program. I'm not 100% sure if I will be attending, as I have been accepted to other schools as well.

    I am from Washington State and saw some of your posts about housing. Would anyone be willing to share an apartment/house? Housing is much more expensive there and it looks like 3 bedroom apartments are a cheaper way to go. I'd gladly answer any information about myself. But would anyone be semi-interested??
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    I graduated from the MU accelerated BSN program in May '11 and have a ton of publisher's study guides that I would love to pass on (no charge) to an incoming student. I found these study guides really helpful to prepare for exams (and sometimes really lucked out when the same/similar questions showed up on exams if the professor was using the test bank for the book). The study guides are for classes such as Pharm, Health Assessment, Med-Surg, Patho, Research, OB, and Peds. If interested, please send me a message through allnurses or e-mail me at crcodywhite at gmail dot com. I'd prefer to just turn over the entire box to the first person who contacts me. Best of luck to the incoming class----you're in for a great experience (even if it won't feel like it while you're doing it!).
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    I graduated from the ABSN program at MU in May 2011 and just wanted to add what I consider a vital piece of information...the program definitely has a high NCLEX pass rate. Our class has stayed in contact with each other since graduating and it seems that everyone who has taken NCLEX has passed so although we may have complained about some disorganization and such during the program, MU definitely did it's job. Also, we are having success in terms of landing jobs. Many people have landed jobs in the specialty area of their choice including Peds, NICU, Mother/Baby and ER. Some have had more than one offer! In 18 months I met some fantastic people, built a good network of colleagues and mentors, received my BSN and passed the NCLEX. I couldn't be happier that I picked MU! Just some food for thought

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