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Lpn to rn compensation

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    I have been an LPN for seven years and will be graduating with my RN May 2013. Does anyone know if compensation is granted for the years as an LPN or will I be consider a new grad with new grad pay in Richmond, VA.. Thanks!!!!!!!
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    I was a LPN six years before I became a registered nurse. as far as compensation for becoming a registered nurse for your time as a LPN usually depends on the employer. in 2009 when I became a registered nurse 2 years LPN was 1 year of RN experience for pay purposes. but I have noticed now in 2012 none of your years as a lpn nurse count for pay purposes. this is mostly due to the economy being so bad and employers trying to save money I am currently in Ohio and I work for the Cleveland Clinic which is supposedly the four number for hospital in the country
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    Thank you so much veterannurse!!!!!!!!!!
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    often I have been given credit for half the years that I had been an LPN
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    When I was interested in Riverside's LPN program, the recruiter told me that for every 3 yrs LPN experience you get 1 year of RN experience (for pay purposes and jobs that want experience). I am not sure if it is rule of thumb for all of Hampton Roads or just the Riverside health system.
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    well personally I believe even if you are not compensated for your years has a licensed practical nurse that experience is valuable and you will be better prepared as a RN to tackle day today responsibilities. and I think I am a better register nurse because of the things I had to go through as the licensed practical nurse-