LPN programs near norfolk (sorry)

  1. I know this has to be posted somewhere and answered- I can't find anything and have been searching like a mad person. I'm not familiar with the area or the colleges so if someone could help me I would appreciate it very much.

    My husband and I are moving to the area (he's a new Naval Officer) so I'm making a career change and going back to school for a nursing degree (I have a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Biology). Because we're only stationed in each area for 18-27 months and some of my pre-req's are old I'd like to do the ladder program (CNA to LPN to RN to BSN online).

    Can anyone recommend a good LPN program in the Norfolk area- maybe a 30-40 minute drive from Norfolk if there's nothing close? I see a lot of technical schools but read negative reviews about many of them. I'd like to apply to an LPN to RN program at our next location and I'm worried I'm going to choose the wrong school and screw myself.

    Thank you, and advice about this educational path that would increase my success great would be much appreciated.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    The Virginia BON website has a listing of approved LPN programs that might be a good starting point:

  4. by   PunkinLPN
    There is a LPN school on MIlitary highway in Norfolk...Centura (something like that)...look into that one
  5. by   slaughtergryl
    as a student at this school, please do your research before joining this school!!! i would not go if i didn't invest soooo much money into the lpn program and time.
  6. by   Bob_N_VA
    Riverside in Newport news has both a days and evening/weekend LPN program. Days is 12 months, E/W is 18 months and the cost is about 4 grand a semester (3 semesters either way). It's a well regarded program and you get lots of hands on since it's hospital based.
    Riverside School of Health Careers - Home

    If you want to see what else is in the area, go take a looksee here: Virginia Board of Nursing Education Programs

    The community colleges are oriented toward 2 year associates degree RN programs so you actually see the high schools associated with the LPN programs. There are for profit schools too, like MCI but honestly what they charge to prepare you for an LPN salary doesnt make much sense to me.

    I'm currently in the E/W RN program 5th semester out of 6 at Riverside, and have no regrets with the place. I'm also an ex Navy officer so I can relate to both of you. Not sure what he's doing, but it was never that hard to hang in this area for a long while. There is so much Navy stuff here, you can move from ship to shore and back without ever changing a home address. We used to call it homesteading, but that was a few years ago, maybe things have changed.

    Good luck, shoot me a pm if you have any specific questions.
  7. by   as2633
    Thanks for the feedback.

    I actually ended up enrolling in MCI's RN program and am about half way through!