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Anyone applying to the lfcc adn or lpn program? I'm turning in my application tomorrow. Just wanted to see if anyone else was in the same boat.... Read More

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    Sorry thought you got into to the Fauquier Campus, but good for you I agree I would take any campus they would give me as well! So I won't see you but congradulations anyways, as you can see from my posts I have had a crazy couple of days

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    I am so happy that I found this posting.....
    I too applied to the Nursing Program at LFCC, I applied to the LPN middletown program.

    I was going "koo-koo" waiting to hear if I got in.
    I got a letter Friday May 6, that stated "Congratulations you have been accepted into the ADN program middletown" I was soooo happy and sooo confused all at the same time.!?
    I immediately picked up the phone to call and find out what was going on?! and as you all may know THEY ARE CLOSED ON FRIDAYS!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhhh so I spent my weekend in crazy-land........
    Any-who....I called Monday and I am happy to say that I GOT INto the LPN program Middletown!!!
    Now I can pat myself on the back for getting into a program...but the celebration wont last long because the hard work has yet to begin ;-)

    I want to congratulate all of us who got in and I hope to see/meet you in June!!

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