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  1. 0 I am interested in applying to kings daughters as a new grad nurse. Does anyone have in advice about the process and what I need to do to apply.
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    Do anyone know how to apply as a new grad nurse in the charlotte area. I have looked on the websites and haven't had much luck
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    You might consider not using your real name as an AN "handle." You don't want to find yourself someday having to defend yourself at work over something you posted that someone recognized.

    The "First year of nursing practice" forum and the one on job hunting would probably be of interest to you, as they contain a plethora of ideas and advice from others who have been there/done that/hire others. Find them by going to "General Nursing" and scrolling down.
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    You might have better luck in the Virginia nursing thread. All I know about CHKD is that they were wonderful when my cousins were micro preemies there but that was years ago...long before I knew to pay attention to the nursing aspect of things. Best of luck!
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    Does anyone know how to apply as a new grad at kings daughters in Norfolk? I have checked the website and haven't had much luck
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    You apply for a position.....I didn't see any special New grad orientation programs it just states their new grads get an extended 16 week one on one orientation. Nursing at CHKD - For Health Professionals - Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters Health System

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