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Hey everyone, I applied for Reynolds fall 2017 RN program that closes may 15th. Just wanted to see everyone's scores for the Kaplan test. We are supposed to hear back 1st or 2nd week of June. Good... Read More

  1. by   Cd89
    I am an alternate and did not receive an email skip orientation. What did your email say? Just to skip it? Seems odd. I am also wondering if any alternates have heard about being accepted.
  2. by   JsrNursing2017
    How did orientation go? Did a lot of people attend? Any update for the alternates?
  3. by   FutureRN0706
    Orientation went well. It was an all day event covering a lot of information for the upcoming semester. According to Elaine Beaupre, they'll be sending out letters to alternatives soon. She said they'll allow alternative slots and notifying those that will get a spot up until August 14th.
  4. by   JsrNursing2017
    Were all the alternates there? If so, do you have a ball park of how many? I'm trying to figure out why I was told to skip orientation.
  5. by   FutureRN0706
    I'm not sure how many alternates were there. Ms. Beaupre did say that a few alternates were in attendance at orientation. There was probably a total of 60-70 students at orientation.
  6. by   JsrNursing2017
    Did she say how big the class size is? Normally they accept 80 students. Was it less this year?
  7. by   FutureRN0706
    From the sound of it, they're accepting 60. There will be 3 sub-groups (where you're taking all the exact same classes) and I think she said there would be 20 in each group.
  8. by   JsrNursing2017
    Did she say what the lowest accepted kaplan score was? Also, did she say how many alternates they are going to accept? I really wish I could have attended the orientation...
  9. by   FutureRN0706
    She didn't mention kaplan scores at all. She said they would accept as many alternates as possible. Within the next few days, they'll see how many open spots they have and if anyone drops from the program now up until August 14th (that was originally accepted) they'll accept alternates.
  10. by   Cd89
    Any alternates hear anything yet?
  11. by   beesmorales
    Hello! Is anyone still on this thread?
  12. by   sawthesky
    Most people have moved to the Facebook group - What's up?
  13. by   beesmorales
    I am applying for the spring and just wanted to know if anyone knew the average score on the kaplan on getting in. I have an 84. Any info would be great!