It's really coming down outside

  1. 0 Boy, its raining cats, dogs, monkeys, and elephants out there. I hope everyone is safe, and staying inside if you don't have to go outside.
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    they just showed a clip of it on the Today show. Sure looks nasty. Stay safe!
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    I'm sitting here at working doubtful I will be able to get home tonight. The road had over a foot of water on them in some places when I came into work this morning. I live very near a major river on the coast and the water simply has nowhere to go. It's frustrating. I can see my condo building from the hospital, but the roads are under water.

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    It is headed up our way...I have to work tonight so I won't be out in it!! I LOVE the rain though!! Just hope there are no tornados along with this mess of weather!!
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    Please be safe--and remember, Never drive into water where you can't see the bottom!

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