Have you taken online A/P at NVCC in Virginia? - page 3

Just curious if anyone has successfully completed BIO 141 or 142 ONLINE at NVCC (Northern VA Community College). I live in Charlottesville, VA and our local community college (PVCC) is only offering one section of Bio 141... Read More

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    Unless something has changed since last year when I took Bio 141/142, there are no on-campus labs. The only thing I went on campus for was the exams and you can arrange to have those proctored at a site close to home if NVCC isn't convenient to you. I had a great experience taking them and they transferred for my pre-reqs with no problems.

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    thanks, soon2bnurstudent!!!! taking online then will be better, so i don't have to take days off work.

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    Hello,I am currently taking bio 141 at nova, and the exams are killing me.Do you know anything that could possibly help.

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