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Has any gone through JTCC Hybrid program? - page 2

Hello everyone, Has anyone been through the John Tyler Hybrid Program? I will have to continue working and throught that the flexibility of the program would be great. I'm still taking online... Read More

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    The last post on this was in 2010, is there anyone currently/recently enrolled in this program that can provide some updates?

    Because I have a 3 day work schedule I was going to do an evening lpn program through Henrico County & Bone Secours(but it just got canceled) and then the evening LPN-AAS bridge through j. Sergeant Reynolds..

    But now I'm reconsidering going straight RN and wondered if this program is still viable for those of us working?
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    I am currently enrolled in it, classes start next week. I'm hoping it works out well, I've spoken to a few nurses that worked through it and my advisor says it's possible as well you just have to be highly organized and disciplined (especially if you work at the same time) I also recommend getting all of your Gen Ed classes out of the way before beginning the nursing curriculum so that when it begins you aren't trying to balance NUR classes with work and a random algebra or computer class on top of it. That's what I"ve done thus far so that next semester all I have to worry with is NUR 111 and Health Assessment. Hope this helps and I"ll update once things get rolling!