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I'm looking for students that have attended or currently attend Career Training Solutions. I saw some posts from a few years ago, but nothing recent. Can you please tell me what the program is like?... Read More

  1. by   diamondhope
    If your talking about standard healthcare in falls church I have a little info on them. I started their CNA program back in July and honestly that place is sooooo run down. If you just make one visit to the office its so beat up but, their staff is great and super friendly. The prices are about the same and if you live in the surrounding area its alot closer then fredricksburg but, they are relocating early next year I believe to Manasas which is sooooo far away. They got a brand new site and all new supplies and stuff but if you are not interested in the insane rt 66 traffic I would say look elsewhere because the commute out there is horrendous. Its to bad their moving out so far because the instructors are actually really great I think.
  2. by   diamondhope
    O yes I also would like to mention the previous poster was incorrect on the price of the RN program, it is not 40,000 it is 33,970 to be exact. Every penny counts
    Hi! I read your post and am wondering how you are doing. Have you reached your nursing pinacle yet? Are you attending CTS?
  4. by   oboyderrickus
    diamondhope, i was reading your post about CTS and I am not sure about what you mean by "retake all the book work classes". Does this refer to the actual nursing classes,the prerequisites or any non nursing class.
  5. by   oboyderrickus
    Hi, vkl70, just touching base with you. Are you enrolled in a BSN now. Where your credits earned at CTS accepted. I have the option of attending either Germanna CC or CST. Any information will be very helpful.
  6. by   Halcyonn
    If you plan on furthering your education, I would think twice about CTS. They are not accredited with the NLN, which means any credits that you earn through them will not transfer. It's also about 3 times more expensive than Germanna's program, which is accredited. As a PP stated, if you graduate CTS and try to pursue a BSN, you will end up having to retake all your prerequisite courses.
  7. by   oboyderrickus
    Thank you for the response. What about the the actual nursing classes, will i have to retake them?
  8. by   Halcyonn
    Well, no...

    Once you pass the NCLEX and get your license you'll be an RN. Most of the RN to BSN programs, I have looked into, award you a certain amount of credits for having an active license. However, any of the prerequisite courses that are required in addition to that might have to be retaken if they were not earned through an accredited institution.
  9. by   3Generations
    VaNurseGrad, do you have any idea of student loans that CTS (now EVCC) will participate in? I have not been able to find any.