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  1. 0 Does anyone know what is the new grad RN salary at carilion roanoke memorial hospital ,virginia
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    As of October 2010 19$/hr
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    I believe it is still 19$ an hour. Does that seem extremely low to anybody else? From where I'm from we start at 25 or 26. I've been to very rural areas who start at 22 or 23!!! 19 is just.... wow. Does anybody know shift diff/weekends?
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    I also think that 19$ is quite low in comparison to many other new grads, but you have to take to into consideration the location. The cost of living in southern VA is low in comparison to say Fairfax, which Inova Fairfax starts their nurses at 24$.
    As for the diff:
    Nights: +3$
    Weekends: +4$
    Holidays: +10$
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    That sounds about average for the area. I live in the Norfolk Area and thats about it. Northern Va. pays more.
    The closer you get to Dc it goes up due to cost of living.
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    I was told 19.50/hour by a coworker
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    If you ae only concerned with the salary go out to Arizona or California. You can start off as a new grad at about $26 an hr
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    Quote from Rohan8
    If you ae only concerned with the salary go out to Arizona or California. You can start off as a new grad at about $26 an hr

    I am sorry, but California is a very tough market right now, especially here in the Bay Area. I am considering moving out of state if I do not have anything in a few months. I am a 2010 new grad. Nursing homes aren't even hiring us!
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    I have gotten out the phone book and started calling LTC facilities and doc offices and nothing. I wished that when I was in nursing school they would have been more honest with us about how things really are instead of blowing smoke up everyone's bloomers about how we'll be employable and that nursing hasn't been hit like other sectors in the recession!
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    CRMH is hiring experienced nurses and new grads. Check their website.
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    I was in contact with the recruiter, and she said it is $19.34 with an ADN and $.50 more if you have a BSN.
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    Oh, and they will accept grads from 2010!
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    Anyone get any call-backs or interviews?