Bon Secours Spring 2011?

  1. Hello!

    I just got finished doing my application for Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing. I just took the TEAS test on Saturday and scored a 74% overall and passed all sections with higher than a 60% which meets the schools requirements. I just was wondering what the average requirements were for acceptance. My stats are as followed.

    72% overall on the TEAS test ( it was my first time taking the test)
    81% Reading
    73.3% Math
    60.4 % Science ( right on the line, but still passed)
    66.7% English
    (I know my TEAS scores are not great by any means. They are still proficient and all my percents are about 10 points above the national average. I am just not sure if they are good enough.)

    3.6 GPA with Associates Degree in occupational Science
    2.3 GPA High school with a "c" or higher in all required subjects
    I wrote an admission essay on my two children being in the NICU and how this drove me to being a nurse.
    I got recommendations from doctors that I used to work for.
    I am also a CMA ( if that makes any difference lol)

    I was just wondering if this is enough to get into the college? I am really nervous about not getting in. I didn't study at all for the TEAS test because I have a busy home life right now and both kids were really sick in the weeks before the test ( in and out of the hospital sick) I am just really hoping that I get in and I will not find out until mid-November. If I don't get in I'll just study more for the TEAS and take it again ( since you can only take it TWICE a lifetime for the school)

    Thanks for any input!
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  3. by   CharcoalPepper
    hi, i just submitted my application and took the teas on saturday 9/9/10 too, so good luck to both of us .

    my grades were pretty much the same as yours, with a 'proficient'. i took the teas for the second time yesterday and was able to bring my grade up to 'advanced' after reviewing the study guide again. i really want to start the program this january, so hopefully my grade on the teas are high enough...i guess it depends what the competition does . there was several faces that i recognized that took the test on saturday and then again on wednesday.

    i was surprised at how challenging the english section was, i barely passed it both times, but thankfully did well on the other sections to average out my overall grade.

    hopefully we will be notified soon, the anticipation is stressful...on me and my family .
    good luck and please let us know if you hear anything from the school.
  4. by   lav42788
    I emailed Ms. Vasquez to ask her about the scores and she said the average TEAS scores for applicants that are accepted are 65% on each section. So I think there is still hope . She also said we should get our letters no later than the 2nd week in November. I figure if I don't get in I will just take the TEAS again and try for the fall. ( She advised me to just submit my scores as they were because you are only allowed to take the test 2 x in a lifetime for applying to the school, plus I didn't think I'd have the time to study and do that much better in 2 days. ) I really hope we get in. Fingers crossed and GOOD LUCK!!
  5. by   Ashtanga
    Not to be the bearer of bad news, but I scored in the top 2% of the nation on my TEAS (only taking it one time to boot) and still got rejected for Fall '10 admittance. My recent grades were straight A's, but I had a bad record from 10+ years ago that was bringing down my gpa. I was still within their requirements, but at the lowest end. I was certain the committee would look at my outstanding TEAS scores and the fact that it had been over a decade since I'd earned anything less then an A, but no such luck. Oh, and I found out via email that I didn't get in. My email is forwarded to my phone so there I am in Kroger and my phone buzzes and when I look at it all I see is the subject line "Denied by Committee". Ouch.
    I've added another semester and a half of A's to my gpa and have re-applied for spring. Here's wishing all of us luck!!
  6. by   CharcoalPepper
    WOW Ashtanga, that is bad news. It is frustrating, not being sure what exactly what will be THE determining factor.

    Not that it makes a difference, but anyone have any idea how many applications were actually submitted for the Spring semester? I'm sure many people applied upfront, but did not qualify based upon their TEAS scores being below 60.
  7. by   lav42788
    When I talked to a receptionist at the college about 2 months ago she said they accept 60 people for the Spring semester, but I am not sure how reliable that source is.
  8. by   stary01
    I am applying for Fall 2011 and taking my TEAS Test in Jan. Can you offer any advice on what to study?? Did any of you make it in the program?? Thanks!
  9. by   portace
    Use the study guide and immerse yourself with it. Take the practice tests they will help a ton.
  10. by   CharcoalPepper
    good luck stary01. i unfortunately did not get in to bon secours for spring 2011, but there was some problems with getting my specific hs transcripts from out of state, so i'm not sure if i would have been accepted or not. i did significantly better my second time taking the test, but i think most people do since you know what to expect.
    review the study guide that you can order from ati, it is very helpful. although the ati practice tests are not exactly the same setup as the teas, it will give you a good basic review. there is not really anything specific i can suggest to study, as the test is very broad, so don't spend too much time reviewing any one area, review everything. i would suggest to take at least one practice timed test, to give yourself an idea of what type of pace you must keep during the real test. i had plenty of time, but i noticed others seemed to have difficulty with finishing each section. also remember you cannot use a calculator, so i would suggest not even practicing with one, this way you will make sure you can get the correct answers with pencil and paper.
    good luck, let us know how things go.
  11. by   stary01
    charcoalpepper i am so sorry you didn't get in. did you get everything straightened out with your h.s. diploma? are you going to apply again for fall 2011?

    portace i am not able to send out personal messages yet, so i wasn't able to respond to your message. but thanks for the advice i think i have finally finished the essay so i am going to do some more proofreading and send it in. how are your classes going? are you working while attending?
  12. by   Supermom1
    Just reading this post now. Do you still use this site? If so, whatever happened? I read your story and it is VERY similar to mine. 4.0 GPA and a good TEAS score but with bad grades haunting me from over 20 years ago! Did you ever reapply and get in a program? Hoping you are an RN now........