Anyone attending Shenandoah Accelerated BSN?

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here. I just finished my pre-req's at NVCC and I was accepted to GMU and Shenandoah's Accelerated BSN programs but I am planning on attending Shenandoah. I like the class curriculum better and I live in Leesburg so it is much closer to my home.

    Anywho...I would love to find other students who are going to be in (or are already enrolled) the nursing program at Shenandoah. So if you are please let me would be great to meet some people before classes start and to get a heads up on what the program is like.


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    Still haven't met anyone attending Shenandoah. Is anyone out there?
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    *Bump* Still looking for any classmates =(
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    I am considering this program. Looking forward to your post about it.
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    Hi Stargirl,

    I was in the accelerated nursing program at Shenandoah University in Leesburg. I got through the first semester but did not make it the second one. It completely consumed my life. I could not stand taking all my classes in the same room from the same seats. I did not like the school that much, it was far too expensive and it really did not met my expectations. I went into it too soon. I am applying for the nursing program at NVCC this Fall.
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    I am not hearing good things about Shenandoah and have been accepted there myself. Does anyone have anything positive to say?
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    Hi everyone!

    I got accepted into the Accelerated Nursing program at Shenandoah for the Spring 2010 (starting this January). I am leaning towards going there because it starts soon and I am ready to start school since I have all my pre-reqs. I really want to speak to someone who is currently attending or has graduated. The program seems really intense; are there any breaks at all? And is it possible to work part time for 10 hours a week. Please please get back to me since the school is starting soon and I have no idea what to expect.

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    Hi Stargirl!
    I see that you have graduated and currently working as a nurse. I would love to talk to you about Shenandoah. I got accepted into their accelerated program. Could you give me an idea of what a daily schedule is like? Do we have any breaks from classes during the day and can we set our own schedules?
    Thanks any info is greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Scarlettanager, I'm currently contemplating going to Shenandoah and was wondering what you're thoughts/reviews are on their program.
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    Hi there. I just got accepted to the second degree program. Are you currently enrolled? I am looking for some advice!

    Hope to hear form your soon!

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