Anyone applying to Tidewater Community College for Fall 2013? - page 2

Just looking to find some fellow pre-nursing students who are applying to TCC or even Paul D Camp for the fall 2013 semester. Lets chat!... Read More

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    I keep hearing it is a 2 year wait at TCC, AND you have to have a A in all of your science and math pre-requisites. Have you found this to be true? Or is it just bunk to scare away competition for the few spots?

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    Thanks, that is good to know. I have a 4.0 with all A's in my sciences. I hold an associates degree in accounting so I am exempt from the math pre-req's as I took them at another college. I got A's for those as well. I just worry because I see all these high scores on the HESI. All of my individual scores were above the recommended level with scores between 80 -95%, it was just the critical thinking portion that I didn't do so well on and that concerns me. Ughh, I don't like waiting so long to find out something that is so important to me. Have you entered the program?
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    I have heard that it is a long wait as well, but hopefully that is just gossip and it isn't as bad as we think. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Have you applied for the 2014 start date? I requested the August 2013 start date, but I would be happy if I just get accepted! :-)
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    After speaking to my advisor at TCC yesterday I have decided against applying to the TCC program. SHe said there are 34 seats and hundreds of applications. There are so many other programs here in HR, granted they require more pre-requisites and cost more money but applying and re-applying over and over is not something I want to do.
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    I can understand where you are coming from, it can become tedious. TCC is my best option thus far with my schedule and kids. Where are planning on applying then if you don't go with TCC? How did you do on the HESI?
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    Hey Regina , From the look of it your scores are great. critical thinking portion should be the least of your worries :-) ..Your science scores are really important so you should be fine. The waiting is torture and this is my second time around so i understand .Praying for you gurl !!
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    thanks nursenthemakin! Praying that you make it in also! Which cohort did you apply for? How long did it take to hear back the last time you applied?
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    I applied for cohort 3 but ill take anyone they give me !! I waited almost exactly 2 months from the last day to turn in my application. They have to let you know by May 15th ....Hopefully it wont take that long :-)
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    Ive also considered NSU or ODU ..They require a few more prereqs so i will have a very busy summer
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    oh wow! well, good luck to you on the NSU and ODU applications. I thought about going that route but to be honest, I just don't have the money for those universities. What are the additional pre-reqs? Do you have a lot more to take in order to apply for those universities and can you apply if you have the majority of the req's?

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