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Hi everyone, I'm new to I recently applied to VCU's accelerated MSN program. I KNOW I'M EARLY, BUT I'M VERY ANXIOUS. The deadline is nov 1st. We won't hear anything back till February. I just wanted to put... Read More

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    No worries Marwa T. You still have plenty of time. Just keep in mind that the application deadline is November 1st. So be sure to check on transcripts, test score reports, and reference/evaluations. These are what took the longest to come for me in this whole experience . I'm waiting on my score report to get to me and them as we speak. You still have plenty of time. Keep us posted! Good luck!


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    Thanks mas28! I was wondering in terms of the score reports, did you take the GRE or did you send in SAT scores? My SATs weren't spectacular but I'm not one to do great on standardized testing I would say. Do you guys think I should send in old SATs or take the GRE?
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    Here is the thing MarwaT. I submitted SAT scores because I'm taking the new GRE test and the scores won't be available until November 8th. (7 days after the VCU deadline! Yikes!) If you didn't register in aug/sep the scores won't be available until later than that.

    So to complete my application by the Nov 1st deadline, I'm submitting SAT scores. Then once my scores are available on the 8th of Nov., they can link them to my application. This was the advice of VCU SON admissions. They need some form of standardized test scores on file in order for them to even look at your application. So I would submit both!

    I personally would submit SAT scores to complete your app. and then take your GRE's as soon as possible. Plus your GRE scores can go with you wherever you apply. Hopefully you won't need to apply anywhere else, but in the event you don't get in, at least you have taken your GRE's and that is already out the way for other schools.

    If you sign up to take test by the 31st you get to take the new GRE for half the price. It's the new computer based GRE, but you can take it for 80 bucks!! The only catch is that you have to take it by the 31st and you really should prepare. That's up to you.

    I'm taking my GRE's next week as a matter of fact. Wish me luck!

    Right now I'm waiting on SAT scores to be found and sent to VCU and myself. If you have taken them several years ago, it takes 2 to 4 weeks to process your order, because they have to search for them. That's why I recommend getting the ball rolling on your test score reports as soon as possible.

    Hope this helps, Good luck!
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    p.s. I'm thinking & hoping they look at the entire person. So even if you aren't the best test taker, or are not as strong in one aspect of your application, they will look at your other strengths to determine acceptance.

    Keep us posted,

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    Phew that is REALLY good to know. I will definitely do the SATS right this minute and also check out the GREs. Darn, one week to prepare? Well as of yet I'm not working...funny I was depressed about that but now seeing how much work I have to do it might have been a blessing.

    Also applications are really unfair. You have a $65 application fee, pay for your transcripts to be sent and THEN pay $80 for a standard test AND former tests.
    That's definitely over $100.

    Ah well. Thanks a bunch mas28, you definitely saved me there! I'm also pretty much done with my personal statement but I'm going to keep revising it until the info session. Now I just have to check in with my recommendations!
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    MarwaT good luck on your GRE's. I am kind of glad that I got them done under the old format, but have heard that the new format while different is supposed to be a little easier in how it is administered. Probably one half dozen or the other.

    I have completed my application except for 2 references that still need to go in. One should be going in tonight and the other before the end of this week. After that DONE. I am taking A&P so I will probably submit my unofficial transcripts / scores for that before January 1. I stressed so much over my personal statement that I had almost everyone I knew tearing it apart and giving me their impressions. I hope all the revisions, clean up and rewording is worth it. I really tried to make it some of my best work. But then my strength is verbal...if you can't tell from all my typing so far.
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    Well I totally get the stressing over the personal statement as I have rewritten mine several times and gotten about 7-8 different people look at it! Everyone is giving me extremely positive feedback on it so I feel really happy. I am really hoping to get it done soon so I can put this application out of mind for some time!
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    Haha Marwa T, I know exactly what you are going through. Just remember to be yourself and genuine and your essay will be great. P.s. Once you submit your application, that part will be out of your mind. Then you'll be like the rest of us, wrecking our nerves over acceptance or rejection, and the agonizing wait until February.

    Good luck,
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    Note to self: Next time (if there will be a next time, hopefully I will get in this time!) apply closer to application deadline date, because this wait is already killing me and it's not even November 1st yet!!
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    As someone who currently attends the ABSN program at VCU, I just wanted to say do NOT attend from out-of-state. It is not worth the expensive tuition at all! The summer was pretty disorganized, but I was somewhat content with my learning. But this fall has been a complete disaster. The caliber of professors is completely lacking in some very important areas of learning - most especially in the basics of medical-surgical nursing, which should be the foundation of nursing education. I understand the reputation VCU holds, which is why I chose to attend the school, but now I regret the decision not to attend a program in my home state where tuition would have been thousands of dollars cheaper.

    If you're in-state, your tuition costs are much cheaper and you won't feel the sting as much. But I definitely do not feel like this program is living up to its expectations or its cost. I don't want to burst any bubbles, but I have friends in a variety of accelerated programs throughout the country who are having vastly different experiences. This program is costing me more than many private school ABSN programs, and the tuition of ~$54,000 is barely the tip of the iceberg with the hidden additional costs each semester.

    I know I sound jaded, and this program is not all terrible. There is some benefit to being able to work/learn in such a highly rated hospital. But I do not feel the benefits outweigh the tuition costs.

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