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Hi everyone, I'm new to I recently applied to VCU's accelerated MSN program. I KNOW I'M EARLY, BUT I'M VERY ANXIOUS. The deadline is nov 1st. We won't hear anything back till February.... Read More

  1. by   MarwaT
    Well I totally get the stressing over the personal statement as I have rewritten mine several times and gotten about 7-8 different people look at it! Everyone is giving me extremely positive feedback on it so I feel really happy. I am really hoping to get it done soon so I can put this application out of mind for some time!
  2. by   mas28
    Haha Marwa T, I know exactly what you are going through. Just remember to be yourself and genuine and your essay will be great. P.s. Once you submit your application, that part will be out of your mind. Then you'll be like the rest of us, wrecking our nerves over acceptance or rejection, and the agonizing wait until February.

    Good luck,
  3. by   mas28
    Note to self: Next time (if there will be a next time, hopefully I will get in this time!) apply closer to application deadline date, because this wait is already killing me and it's not even November 1st yet!!
  4. by   sbnc1031
    As someone who currently attends the ABSN program at VCU, I just wanted to say do NOT attend from out-of-state. It is not worth the expensive tuition at all! The summer was pretty disorganized, but I was somewhat content with my learning. But this fall has been a complete disaster. The caliber of professors is completely lacking in some very important areas of learning - most especially in the basics of medical-surgical nursing, which should be the foundation of nursing education. I understand the reputation VCU holds, which is why I chose to attend the school, but now I regret the decision not to attend a program in my home state where tuition would have been thousands of dollars cheaper.

    If you're in-state, your tuition costs are much cheaper and you won't feel the sting as much. But I definitely do not feel like this program is living up to its expectations or its cost. I don't want to burst any bubbles, but I have friends in a variety of accelerated programs throughout the country who are having vastly different experiences. This program is costing me more than many private school ABSN programs, and the tuition of ~$54,000 is barely the tip of the iceberg with the hidden additional costs each semester.

    I know I sound jaded, and this program is not all terrible. There is some benefit to being able to work/learn in such a highly rated hospital. But I do not feel the benefits outweigh the tuition costs.
  5. by   mas28
    sbnc1031, First and foremost, everyone here is mainly applying to this program and I can't speak for others, but I welcome any and all feedback about the program! Positive and negative feedback will only give us a better background and help us make a choice to attend this program, should we be accepted. Please feel free to give us any insight about the program.

    This is a huge investment for all us and I want to know any and all information I can before making my decision. Tuition is a deal breaker for people. Thankfully I'm in state, but I'm VERY concerned with content and nursing education. If I'm going to invest in my education, I want my money's worth. Hey, I hear you loud and clear. I want to learn and be the best I can be in my nursing career! Keep the comments and any additional information coming. If you would, read what questions some of us had earlier and answer them from your perspective.

    It is greatly appreciated.

  6. by   MEHokie
    I just wanted to say hello and that I too am applying for the ABSN!! I'm currently finishing up my BS in Mechanical Engineering at VT. I know this is completely different from nursing but these past five years have given me a chance to think about what I really want to do in life. I cannot say how excited I am to start this new journey!! (if I get in…) My gpa isn’t the best but I’m graduating in mechanical engineering from one of the top schools in the country. It’s been a really intense and rigorous program that I’m proud to even be finishing.

    I am so anxious to hear back in February and the months cannot go by fast enough!

    Good luck to all of you applying!
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  7. by   mas28
    Welcome MEHokie,

    I am glad to hear that you applied. We are all in this together! I think that you should be extremely proud of your engineering degree. My brother is in VCU's engineering program and it's tough!!!

    I wish you luck and I hope we all get in! Keep us posted. We all kinda check in from time to time. You are right, the months can't go by fast enough!

  8. by   MarwaT
    I called VCU today to check in casually whether they have all my materials or not and they can't even find an application under my name! So nerve-wracking!

    It's really odd because I have received notification of the submission of my supplemental material form and two recommendations. I just wanted to know if they have everything yet but they can't even find me!

    I hope everything goes smoothly...I would really hate to not attend.

    We should be finding out around December 15 right?
  9. by   MEHokie

    You should be able to check the status of your application and all the materials yourself.

    You log in here:

    with the login name and password you made yourself and then click on your application. You can scroll down to the bottom and see what has been received and the day it was entered into their system. Hope this helps!

    We will hear back about acceptance in early February.
  10. by   MarwaT
    Thanks so much for the quick reply! Unfortunately I do see that it has been submitted but no word on my transcript and scores!

    It is pretty odd, I'm waiting on a call back from someone. I will update with what I know.
  11. by   MarwaT
    Argh, they told me my application hasn't been submitted even though I paid the application fee and got a confirmation page! I went through it again and I'm going to give it one day.

    This is sort of frustrating!
  12. by   mas28
    Marwa T, I can understand your frustration!!! I would definately be on it tomorrow because, as you know, tomorrow is the deadline.

    Just make sure you call them and make sure they receive everything. Also if you received a confirmation page, then you can use that as leverage. At least they can still accept your application because their system isn't working.

    Now if they don't have transcripts or scores, then that's not really their fault. That may keep you from getting your application considered.

    Good luck to you and I hope everything works out!!!

  13. by   mas28
    Deadline is today!!! Good luck everyone!!!! Countdown begins today guys!!!!!