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Hi everyone! I was hoping I could get a little advice about UVA's CNL program. This looks like an excellent program and I will be applying for a May 2014 start date (deadline is Oct 1). I'm... Read More

  1. by   dbw3q
    So im pretty sure that you can go to the UVA website and get the commuter permit. Permit Parking, Parking & Transportation, U.Va.
  2. by   knb3312
    Hi everyone!
    Is anyone else on the wait list? I just received an email saying that they were probably not going to be accepting anyone from the wait list this year. Apparently 15 people were on it with a cohort of only 36! I'm thinking that might be a bit excessive and dragging my hope dry considering they didn't accept anyone from the wait last year, either... I sure am glad that I applied to other schools!
    Congratulations to everyone that got in!
  3. by   knoonan87
    Hey everyone!

    I had a quick question for those already in the program or that may know more about it than I do.

    Back story: My family and I will be moving to Charlottesville for the program, and my husband will be commuting from Charlottesville to Richmond daily for his job. Our son starts Kindergarten in the Fall and will be going to some type of after-school program, but we're trying to work out logistics and our ideal option would be that I be able to pick him up around 5-6 during the week. Those of you that have families, what is your typical schedule like during the day? What time do your classes end?

    Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!