2012 Update on VA/DC/MD hospitals that hire ADNs?

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    There are a lot of outdated (but still somewhat helpful) threads on DC/VA/MD hospitals that will hire new grad ADNs.

    Can people please provide an update on this if you have some inside info?

    I'm just doing some planning. I've already been reviewing some hospitals' job posts to see if they say "BSN preferred" but a little inside info would be helpful. I will also check with students/profs in my program to see where they're getting jobs.

    (SIDENOTE: I plan to do a RN-BSN program when I'm done and will place this on my resume)
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    Inova hires ADNs with an agreement that the nurse will obtain a BSN in 3 years.
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    Thanks for the update. Wow, I had eliminated them. Everyone says they don't hire ADNs and their website says BSN preferred on all the postings. Plus, they're Magnet which makes me think the chances are slim...Hmmm...

    I like Inova though. I used to work there. We'll see how things turn out when it's time for me to apply
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    No problem. Two new grads that were in my orientation were ADNs (there were 9 of us).
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    UVA hires ADN with no contract requirement (as far as I've heard).
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    I was recently hired at the VA in TN.. YES! they do hire ADN as I am one!!!!
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    I would like to bump this topic about ADNs and inova, does anyone have any information if they will hire them?