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I am. From California but would seriously consider moving to Vermont if there is a single payer system that works. I think Vermont would be the perfect test bed for a single payer system in the States because of the population... Read More

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    This is the hospital I had to stay in for a few days. I remember that they didn't do cleaning over night or on the weekend. When my husband had to go in for a head injury, there was biological waste all over the halls of the emergency room.

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    Okay, the link to the article about water being withheld is a reflection on those facilities, not on the NHS itself.

    Cancer treatment is the only area that I can find needs improvement and that England ranks lower than the US on in terms of healthcare quality.

    The Telegraph is not the most reliable source ever, and if you do some reading on NHS, you'll see that age discrimination is specifically prohibited. They are required to treat all ages equally.

    And as I said before, cancer is the only area where England ranks lower than the US.

    They are terrified over there that their health care might be like ours. They spend $3,500 less per person on their care system and yet they rank #17 on the WHO's annual report (we rank #35 I think).

    The Brits are healthier than us, they ALL have access to health care, and they spend less money on it than we do.
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    Philomena, I assure you I am not trying to discount your statement of what happened, but understand that would be like a British person coming here, seeing a terribly staffed and poorly run hospital, and deciding that our whole system sucks based on that.
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    She added: ‘There simply weren't enough staff looking after the ward. People were asking for help and it was falling on deaf ears.

    ‘The poor nurse was running around and didn't have time to help everyone. I couldn't just sit there and watch so, being quite agile, I got up and helped them myself

    Read more: Grandmother disgusted at filthy hospital nursed and bathed other patients on her ward | Mail Online

    I would have to conclude from the articles that the UK hospitals are just as short staffed as the American, if not worse.!! Got to love the English- everything they put in print or speak, sounds alot more captivating and polished than that of us old americans. They can make body fluids sound like a Shakespearian sonnet.

    My honest opinnion of these articles: I think this is a major Nursing staff shortage. As admitted by the old woman who was interviewed above. I think it is drama added to the story- referring to the comment:"falling on deaf ears" Drama and catchy headlines sells newspapers.
    Another article mentioned "refusal to give a patient water for hours" and noting that England has set standards of care that are in place- sounds to me like their equilavant of the Dept of Health needs to investigate their hospitals' staffing ratios and why the patients wasn't given water- maybe the pt was ordered NPO as a potential case for surgery. Guess it would be better for the patient to vomit and aspirate under general anesthesia and burn out their lung lining??? These issues soundto me like short staffing issues and a lack of understanding on medical standards of care and rational for safe medical practice on the part of the alarmed posted. Over her in america we dont feed or give water/fluids patients that may possibly be going to the operating room or in certin disease states either(pancreatitis, patients with ulcerated intestines- it's called "bowel rest). This is a total legal and expected standard of care. if it's not done- that is cause for a law suit. Many patients who come into our american Ed's complaining of abdominal pain are quite angry that we don't send them to a hospital bed with steak, french fries and a beer waiting for them. A lot of then want their IV drugs but don't want the rest of the medical treatment that goes with the admission of abdominal pain.
    As for Tricare- TRICARE is the US Dept of Defenses' medical insurance for it's military and it's members- active duty, dependents, reservists and retirees. TRICARE is a managed care. If a patient want's botox or any non essential, cosmetic proceedure done- TRICARE is not paying and the patient has to fork out of pocket money. TRICARE doesn't provide for a day at the spa, No health insurance does -either here in the US or across the pond- neither an american healthcare insurance company or the NHS. Tricare a few years back started covering bariatric surgery- Bariatric surgery is supposed to be ffor 'MORBIDLY Obese" people, meaning they have tried all els and failed and to continue being obese is life threatening- it's not just I want a 'bikini bod' for this summer. these people art a great percent over weight and have heart, diabetes, respiratory and other medical problems that threaten their life.

    I fail to see where these conditions reported in these articles have anything to do with the NHS type of insurance. If I'm not mistaken- didn't the Priminster of Newfoundland go to Miami Florida for his bypass surgery a few years back. He wasn 't charged with any illegal act but he was scorned and criticized for not seeking care in his own country of Canada- he made the Canadian health care system look bad when it realy shouldn't- i just think he want to spend his post op days/vacation in Miami as apposed to Canada. i don't think he is any different than any other rich businessman/politician- guilty of selfishness and poor judgement as the result of them. it's global- "it's all about me!!!"

    Perhaps it would be in the best interest of the UK citizens for the newspapers to report on and investigate how much their hospital CEO's make!!Ppossibly the reason for the lack of number of nurses to take care of patients. Also, it may be a good idea of it Royal Acadamy of Nursing to start doing some research into why their are such a shortage of nurses, the attrician rate for their hospital nurses, the number of nurses who go inactive each year and the reasons for this- BURN OUT!!????

    I can't totally blame the Brits- very conservative and respectiful, always doing the right thing and behavior I do love them- my family heretige. I do have to say we american's on th other hand are quite well known for creating an uproar, harsh reporting and not being very well behaved, especially in our news reporting. we are more blunt and cut the crap people.
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    Any current news on the single-payer implementation in Vermont? Is it rolling out? Are the questions getting answerred?

    Enquiring minds want to know...

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