1. I'm wondering if there are any other UVM MEPN applicants out there for fall 2012?
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  3. by   Wanderlust2205
    I'm here! Hopefully there will be more activity once we get a little farther into January.
  4. by   StarofLifeRN
    Hi! I'm glad to have some company here! Is this your first time applying to the program?
  5. by   Wanderlust2205
    Yes! First time applying. Based on last year's class, I figure we'll be twiddling our thumbs until mid Feb at least. Did you apply anywhere else?
  6. by   greenscout
    Hi there,
    I just signed up to allnurses. I'm also a first-time applicant.
    I haven't heard anything, and the history of posts here would suggest that we should be patient at least until the end of the month.
    So nerve racking! Have you applied to any other programs for admission this year?
  7. by   StarofLifeRN
    This is my second application. Last year the denial letters didn't go out until March, but by that point someone had posted on allnurses that they received their acceptance in late January, so it wasn't a surprise when I got it. I've also applied to VTC's practical nursing program and Norwich's BSN program, but UVM is definitely my preference. How about you both?
  8. by   Wanderlust2205
    I applied to Uni Portland's AEM UP program, but they decided to cancel it Also applied to Oregon Health & Science U's ABSN and Duke. BTW Duke has the nicest rejection letters ever
  9. by   rhensupreme
    I applied this year as well. I'm hoping we all hear good news by the end of the month!
  10. by   greenscout
    This is my first time applying to the MEPN program. I've also applied to Columbia's ETP. I've received emails from the department that makes me think we will hear by the end of the month, decisions from the grad school going out not long after that.
    I'm so anxious for news!
  11. by   StarofLifeRN
    Are any of you in VT? I'm settled here and still have one kid in school, which is why I've only applied to VT programs. Good luck to all of you! The wait is so nervewracking, and I'm glad to have others to wait with.
  12. by   Wanderlust2205
    I'm in New Mexico with hubby and two small children.
  13. by   StarofLifeRN
    Wow, that would be a big move! I'll bet it's a lot warmer where you are today.
  14. by   greenscout
    I'm in Montpelier, and have lived in VT for about 4.5 years. I'm trying very hard to be able to stick around!