received eligibility few weeks ago, registered at Pearson, now what?

  1. Hello fellow nurses and nurses to be!

    I am just wondering how long it's gonna take for VT BON to call Pearson that I'm already eligible for the exam?
    I got my eligibility thru mail last Aug 26 and I registered at Pearson last Sept 8.
    I'm a retaker for the NCLEX-RN and just wanna schedule for the exam so that I could have a deadline for my study plan.
    I already sent my NCLEX-RN retake info to VT BON thru email and I haven't heard from them nor got an automated reply saying that they got my email. I read from the letter that they sent me that I need to wait for 10 days before resending the said info. 10 days is just too long.
    Seems like VT BON is working really slow with regards to the whole NCLEX retake processing.
    It took 4 months for them to send my candidate performance report and I just wanna have this taken care of ASAP since I badly wanna work.

    Can anybody who are in the same shoes enlighten me?
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  3. by   cebuana_nurse
    UPdate: I received an email from the VT BON and they already contacted PearsonVue to release my ATT within 3 days..
  4. by   guitarhero
    have you called the state board of nursing? That happened to me too. I was just waiting for the ATT after I applied to the state and registered to Pearson. I was just for ATT. BUt when I called the state to ask abt the status of my app,,,they said that we need to call to verify ourselves or whatever..... anyway do call the state if you have made the payment to Pearson.