Help! Vermont state board requires actual score from Kaplan instead of pass Help! Vermont state board requires actual score from Kaplan instead of pass | allnurses

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Help! Vermont state board requires actual score from Kaplan instead of pass

  1. 0 Hi, I failed the NCLEX-RN exam twice and I am trying to apply to the Vermont State board of nursing for a third time. After my second fail, I was required to attend a review course (as per Vermont rules) so I signed up with the Kaplan review course for NCLEX-RN (which is one of the course approved by Vermont).

    To process my application, the Vermont State board of nursing requires a letter from Kaplan confirming the course completion with an actual passing SCORE. However, Kaplan will only provide me with a letter with Pass but not an actual score. I called the Vermont state board explaining this but they are saying they require the letter with a passing score before they will let me sit for the exam a third time. They also informed me that they always get completion letters from Kaplan with actual passing score but when I ask Kaplan, they are saying that they don't give out an actual score.

    What I am interested in knowing are the following:

    1) Has anyone else experienced this with Vermont or any other state board? If yes, how did you resolve the situation?
    2) Has anyone ever gotten a letter from Kaplan for the review NCLEX-RN review course with an actual score instead of just pass?

    I would really appreciate any help that anyone on this site can provide. I really don't want to pay $750 for another course since I have already taken a qualifying course. Thanks you so much!!!
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    yes i do faced the same problem.i had failed rn nclex 2 times and now i completed my kaplan online review that review i do have 4 days classroom review were i got the course of completion and i took print out of the progress report of my kaplan review.i submitted it to the vermont BON and now i got approval to take the i'm preparing for my exam the third time.