Anyone just admitted to the Vermont Tech program?

  1. Hi...I'm new to this forum and have just been accepted into the Vermont Tech LPN program....and would like to network with other northern vermont students if you are out there. I'll be in the Newport classes. Like to hear from you! Also, if anyone has been through this program I'd love to hear how the time many days/hours/etc...
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  3. by   NeedchangeofPace

    I have applied to VTC for their LPN program in Bennington, unfortunately I misread the cutoff date for LPN course (Feb 1) and thought it was March 1st, but March cutoff is for RN program.
    The good news is I have talked to Admissions and they will wait until March 1st to consider my application. The only thing I need to do is the placement exam. But that comes next week.
    BTW how was the placement exam?? What was on it?? How many questions?? etc..??I have been out of school for sooooo long I am very apprehensive about the placement exam. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  4. by   brandytab
    Mark, I just talked to VTC today and they told me that admissions are rolling now, since there are still spots after the Feb 1st cutoff. Does that sound right? I put in my application today and am getting everything together for Bennington. Crossing my fingers! Good luck to you, also

    I have to take the placement exam also... I haven't even scheduled it yet.

  5. by   NeedchangeofPace

    Thanks for your reply.
    The last time I talked to VTC admissions they said that the program in Bennington is usually slow to fill the available slots. Hence the reason they would wait for my completed application, ie placement exam.

    I am going to make the appointment for placement exam this coming Monday for the following week, as I need to brush upon my Algebra. My last class in Algebra was 35 years ago.....

    Again thanks for your reply.

  6. by   brandytab
    LOL, I remember going back to school the first time and I forgot SO much! Feel free to message me if you get stuck - I'm through Calc III now. I'm most worried about the biology stuff, which I haven't seen since grade school. Yikes!

    I'm hoping I can afford VTC. I'm a NY resident so it's a bit more expensive. I really, really would like to go there though because I believe that I'll like the program better than Samaritan's.

    Do you know anything about the class scheduling at VTC?
  7. by   NeedchangeofPace
    I too live in NY, so I understand about the cost thing.

    I work in Arlington, my commute from home to work is about 19 miles each way. As I will have to work full time and go to school (if accepted) Bennington to Arlington is about 20 minutes.

    Did you look at Adirondack Community college?? the have an RN program in WIlton (Saratoga) and Glenns Falls, If I did that I would have about an hour and a quarter to get back to Arlington, so its not feasible for me, cheaper but not realistic yet anyway.

    Any program In Albany is out of the question, But I have heard that most are excellent.

    I had talked to one of the Instructors at VTC a few months ago, she was very nice in answering all my questions and helpful as to what would be good to take at CCV for pre-reqs. I did not know that CCV existed, had I known I could have taken some Algebra and maybe a A&P course, but I missed the cut off by a few days. The will post their Summer Schedule soon (3/1).

    Classes go till about 1-2 pm if I remember correctly, Clinicals are at SVMC, The Center for care and re-hab and the Veterans Home, all in Bennington.

    Do you live in one of those one traffic light towns like I do??

    Thanks for your reply,

  8. by   brandytab
    Mark, yes I do live in one of those one traffic light towns! I believe that you are north of me - I live in between Troy and Bennington (I used to go to RPI). ACC is a very long commute for me unfortunately as that was the first college I went to 4 years ago and adore it. Even Saratoga is an hour from me. Albany would be pushing it, with the kids at home - most would be 45 mins from me. HVCC would be great also, but I hear that they have a looooong waiting list.

    So, it looks like I'll be doing VTC. I actually like the idea of doing the LPN first and the RN second - that seems to be something that I haven't run into yet on the NY side.

    Looking forward to seeing the summer schedule for sure. I plan on taking A&P or micro over the summer to help out the course load at HVCC if possible. Bless your soul to try and work full time and do nursing school! Will you be doing VTC part time?

    Let's hope we're classmates soon!!

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  9. by   NeedchangeofPace
    ...I too like the idea of LPN first then to RN. I haven't found that on the NY side either.

    I don't think that doing VTC part time is an option?? or is it?
    I like the thought of 10 1/2 months of VTC for LPN is I would work full time and school fulltime... Sleep won't be option, but sleep is over rated don't ya think??

    I do believe your right, I live North of you, I think at the last census there are more cows than people where I live. I think you live in a town that had a "Big 3" car dealership that went under not too long ago. I bet you even have 3 Stewart's in your town, corner of 67 & 22, in town and route 9 or 7(?) I get that road number confused, because it changes numbers from NY to VT and changes again later in VT

    I would send you a PM, but you don't have enough posts to do that yet, you need 15, but keep posting and you will.

    I need to go to the big city today )15 miles).......Greenwich.

    Have a good day...

  10. by   brandytab
    You are close! Well, you pegged the address of my house, but I live in the next town over towards Troy. You'd have to pass the stewarts on 7 and go a good 6 or 7 minutes still in NY.

    Funny about Greenwich being the "big town". It really is! We have a good time every year at the Whipple City Festival

    Where did you sign up for the TEAS? With VTC? Are you taking it this monday, like in 2 days, or the following week?
  11. by   NeedchangeofPace
    I re-read your post about your application being sent in. You will receive a letter from VTC with an enclosure as to where you can take placement exam. Bennington is one of the places, kinda beats going to Randolph Center.
    I have called the Benninton campus, actually just an old nurses dorm, pretty neat though..anyway exams are on Tues and Thurs. at 8:30 AM at a cost of $25 prepaid. As I said before they are very nice there.
    I will on Monday make the appointment for the March 5th-ish (?)

    Regarding TEAS, I like my tea black, with Scones and Jam and you??:smiletea:
    I don't remember TEAS being required...but they may require after acceptance.

    Gonna snow tonight!! YES!! gotta love it!!.


    PS what happened to Dalgal who started this thread?:icon_roll
  12. by   brandytab
    I just had some ginger peach tea at the new cafe in Bennington. Awesome! I'll be frequenting there if I get accepted!

    Isn't the placement exam the TEAS? No? Well, crud then, I have no idea what exam it is! How do you know what to study? March 5 sounds like the week I'd want to be taking it also.

    That said, what part of the application are you missing still? I did the online one but am unsure as to what else I need to do besides transcripts.

    Snow. Again. I have to drive to Jersey and back tomorrow - here's hoping the "and back" part isn't so rough!

  13. by   NeedchangeofPace
    Maybe the Placement exam is the TEAS thingy..we shall see.

    The only part of application I am missing is Placement exam.

    You need two letters of recomendation as quoted from VTC Guide is:
    Arrange for two letters of recommendation that address:
    Work ethic;
    Potential for adaptation to a fast-paced clinical environment;
    Potential to competently/compassionately deliver health care to clients across the lifespan.

    New Joisey eh in a snow storm?? gees, I'm gonna stay on top of the hill here and watch it snow......that's why I moved here.

    as they say in Joisey,

  14. by   brandytab
    Ah, OK. Just making sure I wasn't missing anything. I'm working on the letters.... trying to wrangle up two folks to write them.

    I looked and it's not the TEAS, but some "accuplacer" thing. Which is good because the TEAS has a good bit of science that I'm lacking.

    So far, so good and no snow! Lucky you to hang up in the hill today I'm going to start my mad dash and back here in a minute.