Is Ameritech College a good program? - page 2

Hello! I am currently attending Ameritech College in Draper, UT (semester 2.) Although I've heard mixed reviews about Ameritech (and all private schools for that matter), I found that it was the best... Read More

  1. by   TEchIE02
    This college is not doing well at all. They got rid of good teachers. They only let you fail two classes and if you fail the final you fail the class. They didn't graduate a bunch of ppl right at the end for C- and one other C-. They recently shut down more than half their programs from what I heard. Seems financial unstable if you ask me. I noticed a lot of employees disappear in my time there. I recently left this school very dissatisfied. They are propriety. Not private. That means the school is only in it for money. You are a business transaction. They treated me like a credit card. They just wanted my money. The accounts lady was rude and hounded us the second money was due. I didn't feel like they worked with you at all. If you need to get done quick it does have accreditation. Just be sure an accelerated program is worth 56k to you. Not the place for me!!!
  2. by   PCT_
    I'm currently a PCT at a hospital, many of the nurses graduated from Ameritech so you can definitely find a job! If you are able to get a job as an aide(be a good aide) at a hospital this gives you an advantage, again many of the nurses were aides on the floor where they now work as nurses. If you have trouble finding a job at a hospital, nursing homes are always hiring ! Good luck
  3. by   ERGirl83
    Our department has hired a couple of Ameritech grads, and we precept a lot. I have to admit I went into preceptoring them thinking it wasn't a very good program, but overall, I've been very impressed with their students and grads. There are bad eggs in every basket, but I've found them to be confident and well-prepared for clinicals overall.
  4. by   icecreamdreams
    I am Legend, what did you decide? I'm looking at Ameritexh now.
  5. by   StudentRN_1990
    I work for IHC as a surg tech, they are hiring Ameritech grads like crazy!
  6. by   icecreamdreams
    I hope they still are if I get into and through the program!