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Hello! I am currently attending Ameritech College in Draper, UT (semester 2.) Although I've heard mixed reviews about Ameritech (and all private schools for that matter), I found that it was the best... Read More

  1. by   TEchIE02
    This college is not doing well at all. They got rid of good teachers. They only let you fail two classes and if you fail the final you fail the class. They didn't graduate a bunch of ppl right at the end for C- and one other C-. They recently shut down more than half their programs from what I heard. Seems financial unstable if you ask me. I noticed a lot of employees disappear in my time there. I recently left this school very dissatisfied. They are propriety. Not private. That means the school is only in it for money. You are a business transaction. They treated me like a credit card. They just wanted my money. The accounts lady was rude and hounded us the second money was due. I didn't feel like they worked with you at all. If you need to get done quick it does have accreditation. Just be sure an accelerated program is worth 56k to you. Not the place for me!!!
  2. by   PCT_
    I'm currently a PCT at a hospital, many of the nurses graduated from Ameritech so you can definitely find a job! If you are able to get a job as an aide(be a good aide) at a hospital this gives you an advantage, again many of the nurses were aides on the floor where they now work as nurses. If you have trouble finding a job at a hospital, nursing homes are always hiring ! Good luck
  3. by   ERGirl83
    Our department has hired a couple of Ameritech grads, and we precept a lot. I have to admit I went into preceptoring them thinking it wasn't a very good program, but overall, I've been very impressed with their students and grads. There are bad eggs in every basket, but I've found them to be confident and well-prepared for clinicals overall.
  4. by   icecreamdreams
    I am Legend, what did you decide? I'm looking at Ameritexh now.
  5. by   StudentRN_1990
    I work for IHC as a surg tech, they are hiring Ameritech grads like crazy!
  6. by   icecreamdreams
    I hope they still are if I get into and through the program!
  7. by   Meowmeowmeow1
    Prime example of the bureaucracy at Ameritech college. They told 4th semester students they would be able to select their own schedules and go to school one day a week if desired. That was an option for fourth semester.To go to Ameritech most people have to work and arrange their schedules for childcare etc. 5th semester students were trying to get a response to see how many students would rather go to school one day a week if possible instead of two or three days a week for only 2 1/2 hour blocks.It was indicated students would have the same possibility like fourth semester to select their own schedules and arrange them if students would desire to go one whole day that was fine. Students got shut down and got a bunch of lipservice from admin, the school does not have your best interest once your in the program. You pay a lot of money to go to the school and there's always kick back from the administrators. Why can't they just have the best interest of the students and listen to them.
  8. by   icecreamdreams
    Meow- I'm in semester 1 right now and I know exactly the mess you're talking about. I don't believe its that they don't "have the best interest of the students" and don’t “listen to them." I've talked to several administrators about things and they were all investigated and handled satisfactorily so far. I know that doesn't guarantee that it will continue, but everything I've complained about they "knew of and are working on" and within a few weeks it was addressed. And honestly if it wasn't for Linda I don't know if I would have made it this far. She REALLY cares. She has helped me with everything from sick kids to test performance.

    But I DO know this new schedule thing is biting a lot of people in the butt. Even in my semester people are complaining - me included! I don't like that all the classes are offered the same time every day. Its made so you can go only one day for classes but the Pharm class is only offered 1 time a day each day its offered and I can't do that time so its an issue. I've got my fingers crossed that I get it the one day I can make it work but I do feel that its an extreme amount of anxiety over an issue that maybe could have been predicted? However Joelle said this is the very first time they are allowing students to ‘schedule themselves’ and they switched systems so I think its understandable that they are having kinks to work it out. Also they started this because students were requesting the ability to schedule themselves. The school is trying and I really feel that they want to do whats best.

    I think that they need something like the semester survey but for the school. Something that would allow people to shoot over a review, comment, feedback, suggestion, complaint to someone who could handle it. Something I noticed is a lot of people complain among the other students but don't speak to administration about it and then it can't get fixed. Joelle isn't the one to complain to about the schedule- ask her who the complaint should go to. Some people have gone to Steve about it. If you don't let the person who can fix it know it can't get fixed.
  9. by   icecreamdreams
    I actually wanted to come back to this topic because it ate away at me the past few days.

    First I must admit I am only in 1st semester so maybe its "1st semester glow" or something but I really don't think it is.

    I just really wanted to address the suggestion that they don't care or that the schedule thing is being done callously. I called and left Joelle a message Friday evening. She literally called me back monday morning before 9am to make sure I didn't need any help and understood everything. This is after I have already asked her 1001 questions. She can't make exceptions for me just like she can't for the hundred of other students who have circumstances that aren't ideal- but I do feel she cares.

    Stacy in career services literally went over my husbands resume BEFORE we even moved to Utah to try and help him find a job when we came so I could go to nursing school. She cleaned his resume up, edited it, and looked into resources for him. He is in the computer field. Something Ameritech does not do. She did this because she cared. Because she understood I was terrified about leaving my home with my kids and husband and moving to an entirely different state with no income and only the money for school saved. You do not know how confident I feel in her ability to fully commit to EVERY Ameritech student the same level of dedication to getting them a job too.

    Patricia in Financial Aid is amazing too. I had a weird issue where my my FinAid had some code that needed cleared from years ago. On top of that I had additional personal concerns about paying for school. Patricia promptly responded to each and every phone call or email. She explained options, documents, and procedures to me patiently and thoroughly.

    Cindy was my admissions counselor. I was SO nervous about the TEAS, interview, and moving to Utah. She made the entire situation much less stressful. She explained everything to ensure I knew what I was getting into beforehand. She stressed it was accelerated and again was incredibly responsive.

    On top of that the teachers are excessively accessible. They enable you to meet up as often as you need and will personally go over any topics that you are confused about. They adhere religiously to the syllabus so you always know what to expect in class. Most give their cell phone number to you. On top of that Chantal makes A&P, which is incredibly difficult, make sense. All her tests are directly from the notes she gives and she even holds a review every single week. I think there may have been 1 or 2 weeks it wasn't held. And Colette teaches Clinical Math. She will go over the same problem again and again if anyone in class asks her too. She will not move on if she does not have the consensus of the class.

    And I've already bragged on Linda. She literally has food in her office incase you need a snack. She gives out her personal number and responds promptly. I am not kidding she has advised me on everything from finding daycare, to what to do about my sick kid, feeling overwhelmed, the local school district, health insurance, test anxiety and more. You name it and she would do her best to make sure a student was taken care of.

    And I'm going to go a bit personal to clear somethings up too. Most of the issues I sought help for this semester were not problems for the majority of students. I have some unique situations that other students do not. I am very capable of completing the program and am doing well, but I have needed more attention from my teachers, from administration, and even other students. The level of care I have received from each person I have interacted with has been amazing.

    I have been to a community college in the past. As a whole they did not care. No one noticed if you missed class. No one got back to phone calls. Teachers acted liked you were personally offending them if you wanted to meet outside of class. Scheduling was first come first served no if ands or butts. If you failed a test that was on you and the teacher didn't want to privately reteach the issue you missed to you to make sure you understand it. From my understanding this is pretty common of many community colleges. I also have a family friend that teaches at a university. He often discusses how it seems administration seems to put more hurdles up than they take down

    Yes. The program is expensive. The program will also allow me to begin earning money a solid 2 years sooner than I would have had I gone a cheaper route. That is easily $100 THOUSAND dollars more earned than had I gone to the CC. Essentially 1 year of work will pay off Ameritech and instead of beginning work in 2020 I will begin in 2018.

    Yes. The program is hard. It is accelerated. It goes indepth. It consumes your life. Its nursing school and you are able to complete it in a total of 20 months from start to finish.

    I have grown so much since I have been there. I have no reason to suspect that I have simply had a better experience than others on campus with the staff of the college.
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  10. by   StudentRN_1990
    Yes I agree! Everyone is so helpful. Michelle was my admission counselor I love her! And I had David in financial aid he never returns ur email or anything. I still have yet to hear back from him. It's been like four months and I emailed him several times so I reached out to Patricia and she was great! Patho instructor, Mary ann, Lona the pharmacology instructor, and steve (director who teaches fundamentals are great. I don't like Katrina so much. I just feel in the class when anyone has a question or challenges her question and has a good reason she blows it off and never answers our concerns. My clinical instructor for fundamentals Lorene was ok. She is just scattered brain and unorganized which I can't stand. She will randolmly say she assigned a assignment and never said that. People have started recording her in lab. Same with Lona. I love her and feel bad when the whole class gangs up on her but she does say things and the next day she says she never said that even though half the class recorded her. But I have a A- in the class half the people bashing her are failing so they are upset. But again I never have open one book. I listen carefully to the lectures and study the outline and that's it and I have been doing just fine except for like I said on two exams in two different classes I got a 76 and a 74 those were my first two exams and I read the book and didn't pay attention to the lecture but once I figured out how to study and what to focus on I have been getting 88 and higher on exams