Does the perfect program exist for me?!?!

  1. What do you know about the nursing programs available in Utah? Which have good NCLEX passing rates, reasonable tuition or scholarships available, accredidation, no waiting list, on-site daycare or night classes and unicorns that poop gumdrops (said with sarcasm)? A perfect fit seems impossible to find for this almost 40 mom of toddlers! Time is not on my side so SLCC's long waiting list might not be the way to go for me, however, my pre-reqs are officially done and I can apply in a couple of weeks. The current wait is 2 1/2 years! I have a 3.66 overall GPA and likely a 3.8 or better pre-req GPA, though I haven't actually calculated it (got As w/ one A-). Any advice?
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  3. by   psycheab
    Honestly, 2.5 years seems like a crazy long time to wait. I imagine you have done a lot of research (at least, it sounds like it), so let me just throw this out there.

    I would consider University of Utah's program. And that can be accomplished through 2 ways 1. Traditional program, meaning their BSN program. 2. Get a job at University of Utah, whom has a working relationship with SLCC to go through their program and then agree to work for them for 3 years. That way, not only do you get through a program, but you have a job on the other side of it. After all, isn't that what the end goal is? I say this because, here I have my RN license but find it IMPOSSIBLE to find a job because I don't have those connections you make when you do your clinicals in the local hospital and know about internship/externship opportunities that exist. So, take advantage of anything like that that you may come across.
  4. by   Yuppers21
    Your pre-req gpa is pretty good so I would suggest you apply to the universities in the area (U of U, UVU, ect.) You may have a good chance of being a competitive applicant for these direct entry programs and their tuition will be much, much cheaper than the for profit schools without wait lists. Plus you can be assured their accredidation and NCLEX pass rates are in good standing. As far as daycare, you would have to look into each school to see what they offer, though I can imagine state universities will have more resources as far as that goes. I do know that UVU has a daycare on their campus with very low fees, but last I checked it was nearly impossible to get into if not a single parent as they have first priority. Good luck in your search!
    Nursing is flooded in this region the problem will be obtaining employment after you graduate, do not expect a job immediately upon graduation.