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  1. I am trying to figure out how to go about getting into a nursing program and have considered trying to get into a career college as opposed to getting on a waiting list somewhere. I spoke with someone from Everest College, and he told me that there is currently an eight year waiting list at the University of Utah. Is there any truth to that? That sounds far fetched and was probably meant to entice me into going with Everest. Also, I am wondering if getting a degree from a career college such as Everest or Eagle Gate College is something that an employer will value just as much as a degree from a more traditional institution. Everest College has a Bachelor's program. Also, do career college credits typically transfer to other schools? Any information you can give me regarding these inquiries would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   elkpark
    One big question is whether or not a school you want to attend has NLNAC or CCNE accreditation. Would-be nursing students typically don't understand the whole "accreditation" issue -- many of them know enough to ask whether a nursing program is accredited, and most of these schools will answer "yes" -- because they are accredited, but by the "wrong" accrediting organizations. The only accreditation in nursing that matters is NLNAC or CCNE. If you wish to return to school later to further your nursing education and career opportunities, as many nurses do, you may run into problems if you didn't attend a NLNAC or CCNE accredited program. Also, some employers will only hire nurses who are gradutes of accredited programs -- not most, certainly, and you would probably never find yourself unable to find work, period, but why close any doors and limit your opportunities this early in your career??

    The question of transferring credits to other schools is a similar issue. Most of the proprietary (private-for-profit) tech/voc "colleges" are accredited (as they will proudly tell you), but by the organizations that accredit private tech/voc schools, not the accrediting organizations that accredit "regular" colleges and universities. That's why "regular" colleges and universities often aren't willing to accept tech/voc school courses for credit -- the tech/voc schools aren't held to the same standards as the "regular" colleges/unis, so they don't recognize the credits. That isn't true in every case, though -- your best bet, I would say, is to call colleges and universities in your area and ask them whether they accept courses from the school(s) you're considering for credit (I would not just take the tech/voc school's word for it ...)

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    Well Said ElkPark~ an MA that I work with is considering Everest College, to the tune of $85K!!!!!!!!!!!! That is predatory lending in my opinion, as student loans are stuck with you FOREVER! sigh