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Hi everyone, is there anyone planning on attending the cohort on Oct 2011? thanks... Read More

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    Quote from J*Mart
    For those of you who have started what do you guys think?

    Best of luck with your schooling and future nursing adventures
    It was a little bumpy at first but I really like the flexibility of it. It is a lot of work especially if you need to finish up any pre-reqs. I am thankful for being accepted into a program that is affordable and not trying to nickel and dime you. Good luck to anyone trying to get in, I think you will enjoy it as well. So far all mentors I have encountered are very supportive. :heartbeat

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    thank you everyone for all of the replies. I'm aiming for the Oct cohort at Fountain Valley Reg. Hosp. (i hope i get accepted) Last week my enrollment counselor told me that the director of nursing is adding another prerequisite, anything about Lifespan and Development Psychology. I only have general psych. so this worries me since i only have a month left. They told me that they will see if I still need it before the cohort starts or i can take it while in the prog. This worries me a lot now.

    By the way, my enrollment counselor told me that the color of the scrub uniform depends on what hospital you'll get into. In their website i always see their students wearing blue scrub tops and white scrub pants. Is it true that it depends on the hospital? or is it white and blue? (just curious ) Thanks!
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    EVLGNUS, Im in the Cedars Sinai cohort, the one that started August 1, 2011. Some WGU nursing students meet at El Camino college in Torrance with us. They are also going to Cedars, and they wear a blue top with white pants. I dont know what the policy is, but thats what they are wearing. Most nursing programs require a lifespan/development psychology class, it is very common. You probably should have already taken that.
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    Hi future nurses,
    I wanted to take a quick minute to clarify a couple of things I saw on this post that might be a little misleading. Sometimes hearing directly from the horses mouth can make things easier... I hope I can.

    First of all, please do not buy any scrubs or uniforms until you are officially admitted and you receive the instruction sheet that tells exactly what to buy and from whom. We have a strict student uniform policy every student must follow. Our clinical partners require us to be consistent and that our students follow our policy in dress. We have a specific vendor for this uniform and a student patch etc. that must be worn. Just don't want anyone jumping the gun and buying something you can't use. Money is tight everywhere!

    We have a specific admission policy and a committee that looks at all candidates and if they have met the requirements for admission. These aren't a secret! every single one of these is posted on the website. If you meet all the criteria, you are a good candidate. If you are borderline on the criteria, you may end up further down on the list. In either case, enrollment counselors cannot really say who will get in and who won't, that is the job of the admissions committee. Just don't want anyone to think they have a 'promise'. The best way to get yourself high on the list, is to meet all the admission requirements posted on the web.

    Lastly, I'm excited to see so much interest in our program and in nursing. It is a truly great profession. I hope to see you all on our admission lists in the future... your best bet is to prepare as well as you can. to those of you who joined us in August and will join in Sept and October, Welcome! Fasten your seatbelt because it will go fast but if you engage, it will be a fabulous learning and self development experience!!
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    Any plans in the future to start a physician assistant program?

    How about being affiliated with SigmaThetaTau Honor Society of Nursing?

    Thanx for your previous post
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    Just wondering if you are running a waiting list from one cohort to the next, or if a person must reapply to each cohort if they are not selected for the latest cohort?
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    Could anyone briefly describe the clinical skills boot camp test? As in what you have to be able to do? I heard hardly anyone fails it -- but still sounds intimidating. Are there an invasive procedures or is it more bedside stuff?
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    The boot camp test follows a weekend (16 hours) of CNA skills. They'll have you perform around 5 skills from the 40+ skills you learn during the boot camp. Things like taking vitals, ambulating, making an occupied bed, etc. Not difficult skills, but you're learning a lot of them over a short period of time. There were some people that failed it during my cohort, but most of the students passed.
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    To WGU-Director
    Why is the pre-licensure course only being offered in California, Texas, Florida and Indiana. Any plans to expand, specifically Utah, where WGU started?
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    I look forward to having you review my packet for Indy!

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