Is Ameritech College a good program? - page 2

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Hello! I am currently attending Ameritech College in Draper, UT (semester 2.) Although I've heard mixed reviews about Ameritech (and all private schools for that matter), I found that it was the best option for me at the time. I... Read More

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    Like others said, Ameritech is now accredited. As long as that accreditation is there along with plenty of favorable feedback it doesn't matter where you get your degree as long as you are willing to put in the hard work.
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    Ameritech is a good, accredited and expensive program. It is also accelerated. 18 months.
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    If you are wanting a school that treats you as a student rather than a business transaction then go somewhere else. not only has the loss of good teachers affected how students are taught but they recently have changed without notice the way you pass. basically the entire nursing program is based on whether or not you pass the final with a 74. numerous students went into the final sitting at a 80% but happened to fall below a 74 on a final that is only worth 25% of your grade and now they have been told that they have failed the course and need to retake and spend a couple thousand yet again on a class that there final grade is a 77 or 78% which the school is putting at a c- then changing the students transcript to show that they earned a 73%. its ridiculous.