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Hello everyone! Just wanted to start this thread for anyone planning on attending UTA's nursing program in the Spring of 2013..... I am working on the last of my pre-reqs right now at TCC, but I plan on attending UTA this fall... Read More

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    Quote from thomasphan
    @nici0513, UTA is not the only road to become a nurse ! I think should explore other universities or colleges too. I think your stat could help you to get into an ADN program easily.
    I am applying to TWU also (Baylor & TCU are too expensive), my prereq gpa is a little higher with them too (3.68) because they use more of my prereqs that I have As in. I have to stay in the DFW area too because of my family. I have looked into ADN programs but I hate to spend 2 years just to get my ADN and then another year to transition to BSN. I definitely want to get my Bachelor's and I have all the prereqs needed after this semester, but it may be my only option if I have no luck during the Spring.

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    I am also waitlisted for the traditional program. I have a 4.0 science and 3.82 overall with no considerations. I guess the considerations mean a lot more than the advisors make them out to be.
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    Ugggh! All these great scores waitlisted makes me feel so discouraged! I feel you nici! I have a 3.75 in my sciences and a 3.5 ish overall but I'm retaking some classes.
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    I think I am going to retake a science over the summer so I can raise my science GPA... I just really don't want to! I am hoping we find out about being wait listed before the summer chem class starts!
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    @MEGREEN - I was thinking of taking Chem over also but I made a high B & I don't know if I can make higher than that! Ugh!
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    I also made a high B but I had pneumonia for like 3 weeks and got behind and didn't do to well on 2 test in lab and lecture... :/. I heat chemistry is the hardest science at uta.... Is that true???
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    Sorry I have been MIA for some time now, this semester and my child have me very busy...
    Does anyone who plans on going into the traditional program have any considerations added to their app?
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    I took mine @ UNT but my friend took it @ UTA and made an A. (She said it was hard and she had to study her butt off) However, I looked @ all the professors for the summer session on rate my professor and their reviews were pretty bad...and I swear by rate my professor!
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    @tnuh - I wouldn't have any considerations until the Fall 2013 term. Definitely don't want to wait that long! I am going to apply to TWU, UT HSC, MSU, Tech, and PVAMU... A lot I know but I can't just bank on UTA even though it works the best financially and its closer to home so I wouldn't have to live elsewhere. Do you have any?
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    In response to the stats question a few pages back....

    I am waitlisted for Fall 2012 traditional. I have 4.0 science/4.0 overall, 91% HESI (not that it matters, just pass or fail). I have no considerations....

    Heard through the grapevine (you know how that works ) that most of the waitlisted people for the traditional program will be called. Not to get your hopes up or anything, just something I heard today from some other people who have been through it already.

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