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Hello everyone! Just wanted to start this thread for anyone planning on attending UTA's nursing program in the Spring of 2013..... I am working on the last of my pre-reqs right now at TCC, but I... Read More

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    hi camille2013,

    i have not going to the wednesday advisor, but i have contact my advisor by email. are you applying for the traditional or for the online program?

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    I have an appt. next Tuesday with advisor....my 4th one so far...ugh.
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    Do anyone of yall recieve financial aid? If so are you using any for your summer classes?? I get financial aid and put that Iw anted to take 6 hours in the summer and it didnt allow me to use any of my money for summer course. It onyl showed fall and spring!
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    @MEGREEN: I recieve financial aid and I am planning on taking summer classes, but they did not allow me to use my financial aid money for it either. I have to apply for a loan and start a payment plan with them in order to pay for it.
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    I already applied for a loan and it still didn't show for summer...:uhoh21:..UTA can be so confusing at times! Did you fill out the future enrollment form? MIne says 14 hours for spring and I am not sure why? I didn't put 14 hours....
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    You have to get to "Walk in Wednesdays" EARLY!!! They start at 9 a.m. but you have to get there at 8 a.m. at least because they have a sign-in sheet with all the available advising times with your advisor (goes by your last name). Once those slots are filled, then they turn everybody else away. I drove from Houston that morning and arrived at 10 a.m. All the appointments were already filled! I couldn't control it, and just broke out in tears after driving 4 1/2 hours!! They felt sorry for me and told me to just wait and they would see if they could fit me in, fortunately, after waiting an hour I was seen.
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    regarding financial aid: they only reward you for 2 semesters. If you wanted aid for this summer, you would have had to fill out the FASFA for 2011-2012. The fall semester starts the new financial aid year for the 2012-2013. I applied for financial aid in March and already got my award notice on UTA's email. That's the only way they notify you of your award, so make sure you check your UTA e-mail. As far as summer classes, since I used all my financial aid on this spring and last fall and still have to take one class this summer (chem 1411), I'm taking it on-line through Dallas county tele-college. There classes are only about $150 each.
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    nicio513, Thanks for the heads up on that! I am about that far away too. I would be so mad if I wouldn't be able to get an appointment. Did you find the advisor to be very helpful?
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    anaw, I am going traditional or trying too.
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    Thank for the inof Nici. I was told today that I could split my loans betweeen the 3 semesters and get part of my loan money for the summer... I hope that is correct! If not I need to figure out how I am going to come up with $1600!

    Oh I am Codi BTW. I have already applied for fall of 2012 partnered with thr but am hanging out on this thread too just in case! I figure I might as well start chit chating with yall too!

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